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Adidas Boost

Adidas Boost

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What it offers: There is no doubt that Adidas loves hammering consumers with the concept of ‘energy return’. When your foot hits the ground while running, energy is lost as it dissipates. And if that energy can be stored and returned, it creates greater efficiency. This is where Boost’s ‘capsules’ come into play, those little bubbles that give the sole its polystyrene look. Each one is designed to store the energy released and hold onto it and release it to assist each stride, giving a noticeably extra spring in each step.

Material used: Flexible textile upper with welded synthetic overlays for support and stability. The upper is made of a fine mesh material that has very few seams and a nice snug, but not restrictive fit. Overlayed onto the upper are some bands of what feels like PVC material that run from the sole up around the mid-foot and form the lacing eyelets.

X-Factor: Has to be the functionality where the energy is stored and released back to your foot to have much better grip while running. The firm landing makes sure that you are less prone to bone injuries, which many shoes might not help you with- though as claimed.

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