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What Makes Narendra Modi, A Likeable Prime Minister!

What Makes Narendra Modi, A Likeable Prime Minister!

History was made three years back, when Narendra Modi, with a colossal mandate, took oath as the Prime Minister of India from the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhawan on 26th May 2014.

Life of Narendra Modi has been a journey of stout-hearted, benevolence and diligent. A leader, who manifested his dexterity, as a grass root worker of RSS and a successful administrator during his four consecutive, thirteen years long stint, as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

The nation sees Prime Minister Modi as an actinic leader, a ray of hope for the aspiring dreams of more than a billion Indians. The NDA lead government is just a day away from completing its three years of governance and the biggest selling point of this government has been its attentiveness to dissent.

It is bewildering, how a cabinet, often blamed as right to far right of the spectrum and was openly presumed to be dictatorial in its outlook has successfully managed to provide us perhaps the most secular and democratic setup since the inception of this country.

The way I look at it, we Indians have never seen a more efficient public representation than this. Mr. Narendra Modi, as the Prime Minister of India, has brought with himself not only ample experience, as one of India’s superlative successful Chief Minister, but also qualities of a fine administrator.

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Here are four points, which I think makes him stand out from his predecessors.

Corruption Crusader

When Narendra Modi was sworn three years ago, two major issues were the biggest threat to the nation; corruption and policy paralysis.

The Congress-led UPA government was deplored on many fronts. One of the most highlighted flaws of UPA government was the infinite list of corruptions, bribery cases, and scams.

In its two recent tenures, Congress was consecutively in news for one or another scam, with each passing year, the quantum got bigger and bigger.

The BJP led NDA government has exceedingly diminished corruption, ever since Mr. Narendra Modi took charge as the PM. We are yet to hear even one scam, which bids well for the future.

Corruption is the prime barricade in the thoroughfare of development, augmentation and good governance of any nation. On an enormously vital parameter of corruption, the Modi government has precise and noteworthy accomplishments.

During demonetization exercise, despite several hurdles and objection by other political parties, PM Modi got the full-fledged support of the entire nation, which is a living evidence of how well-connected he is with the masses.

Foreign Policy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi astonished Indian and foreign spectators simultaneously by courting the Southern Asian heads of government to his swearing in.

A leader who hadn’t articulated a word regarding foreign policy in midst of election campaign, this cogent welcome gesture by Modi prognosticated the initial foreign policy amazement that he would later go on to reveal.

Narendra Modi, Kulbhushan Yadav, Demonetization, StyleRug, Indian Prime Minister, Prime Minister Of India, Amit Shah, PM Modi

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Prime Minister Modi visited all SAARC countries, including Pakistan (which his predecessor didn’t visit, even once), in his entire 10 years’ tenure. We witnessed Modi’s presence in Fortaleza while attending the BRICS summit and in Fiji as well, where too, no Indian Prime Minister had visited in more than thirty years. You can also count Saudi Arabia, Iran Mongolia, Australia, Seychelles, and Mauritius- to whom he reached and made sure that relations became better; thus, resulting in more FDI.

The Modi-led government has surprisingly performed well in the demesne of foreign policy and diplomacy, Kulbhushan Yadav‘s execution stay is one of the recent positive instances.

Conclusive Outlook

Mr. Narendra Modi is known for his conclusive outlook. From Gujrat riots to surgical strike by Indian army in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) terrorist camps, to the most argumentative and bold step in Indian political history- demonetization, Modi has snugly demonstrated himself as a decisive leader.

For years India was at back-foot while dealing with security threats and cross-border infiltration, thanks to the lack of courage from the previous PM who allowed the country to bleed at the frontiers.

Modi, on the other hand, with regard to dealing with cross-border terrorism and ceasefire violation posed by Pakistan, not only has been victorious in isolating the naughtiest neighbor with his skilled cabinet, but also showed courage while conducting the surgical strike in PoK to combat terrorist camps. The Naga insurrections who assassinated Indian troops was also retaliated with surgical strikes at Myanmar border area.

Expatriate’s Sweetheart
Narendra Modi, Kulbhushan Yadav, Demonetization, StyleRug, Indian Prime Minister, Prime Minister Of India, Amit Shah, PM Modi

Right from his first foreign trip, the NRI community around the world has shown immense affection towards Modi.

Modi has addressed 11,000 Indians in Johannesburg to 50,000 in Dubai, 10,000 in Toronto and 18,000 in California. Not a single Prime Minister in the history of India has received such enormous reception and hospitality around the globe. A PM who day and night works for the betterment of their conditions abroad.

What is your take on Narendra Modi’s three years of governance? Do leave your comments below!

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