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Tork Kratos R Enhances Range with Eco+ Riding Mode

Tork Kratos R Enhances Range with Eco+ Riding Mode

Tork Kratos R

Tork Motors, a two-wheeler start-up based in Pune, is no stranger to innovation. They’ve outdone themselves once again with an update to the Kratos R – their pioneering electric motorcycle. The key feature in this recent update? A brand-new Eco+ riding mode. Purported to offer more range, Eco+ is a testament to Tork Motors’ commitment to providing the best for their riders.

Believe it or not, with this new mode, urban motorcycle riders can squeeze over 150km out of a single charge! If you’ve been whizzing around town on the previous range limit of 120km, let’s just say your excursions are about to get longer.

This puts the Kratos R’s impressive IDC range of 180km within closer reach, making the Kratos R one of the most range-efficient electric motorcycles on the market, now priced at Rs 1,67,499 (ex-showroom, Pune, after FAME II subsidy).

Varied Riding Modes for Every Occasion

Tork Kratos R

The Kratos R is not just a ride; It’s an experience tailored to suit your needs. Before the addition of Eco+, the electric bike had already been offering three awesome ride modes: Eco, City, and Sport.

Essentially, the Eco+ mode is a bonus gift for city dwellers who often prioritize range over raw performance. However, if you’ve got a thirst for speed, Tork Motors hasn’t forgotten you. While the Eco+ mode limits the top speed to a safe and steady 35kmph for the sake of boosting range, you can flip on the Sport mode to push the machine to a whopping top speed of 105kmph!

Easy Access to New Features

Tork Kratos R

What’s even better is that Tork Motors is making the new Eco+ mode available not just for new models of the Kratos R, but for existing users too! Can you believe it? Likely through an over-the-air software update, your machine could be opening the gates to the extended range in no time.

Impressive Features and Furnishings

Tork Kratos R tyre

When we behold the Kratos R, it’s clear Tork Motors has driven a considerable effort into making it a leader in its domain. I mean, come on, the bike has a fully digital instrument console, regenerative braking, and smartphone connectivity alongside a sleek and bright all-LED lighting system. It even has a reverse mode – handy for those fiddly parking situations, huh?

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But, the icing on the Kratos R cake would have to be the attention put into security features. A geo-fencing feature, an anti-theft system, and a ‘find my vehicle’ setting ensure that your precious ride is always within your reach and secure. Now, that’s what I call peace of mind!

Performance and Power Like No Other

Tork Kratos R tyre

Be prepared to be awed. The Kratos R is powered by an IP67-rated 4kWh battery pack. This is mated to an axial flux motor that delivers a strong performance – 9kW and 38Nm of torque, to be precise. With a fast charger, you can charge it from zero to 80 per cent in just an hour. Need I say more about the convenience and efficiency of this crazy machine from Tork Motors?


The Kratos R, with its incredible Eco+ mode, state-of-the-art features and powerful performance, is turning heads and setting standards in the electric motorcycle industry. Trust me, the future of two-wheelers is looking electric indeed! And with companies like Tork Motors leading the charge, it sure looks exciting!

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