10 Yamaha Motorcycles Built for Extreme Power


The King of the Track: This flagship supersport boasts a 200-horsepower engine and a MotoGP-derived chassis, making it a dominant force on the racetrack. 


The Muscle Legend: A true icon, the VMAX packs a monstrous 173-horsepower V4 engine, unleashing raw power and acceleration that will leave you breathless. 


Streetfighter Supremacy: This naked bike features a detuned version of the R1 engine, offering a thrilling 164 horsepower along with agile handling for conquering city streets and winding roads. 


Supersport Precision: This lightweight machine delivers a sharp and responsive ride, with its 118-horsepower engine and razor-sharp handling, making it a favorite among skilled riders. 


The Spirited All-rounder: Don't let its good looks fool you. The MT-09 packs a punch with its 119-horsepower engine and playful handling, making it ideal for carving corners and enjoying the open road. 

Tracer 9 GT 

Sport Touring Mastermind: This versatile machine combines the thrill of a sportbike with the comfort of a touring machine, featuring a 115-horsepower engine and features like cruise control and electronically adjustable suspension. 


Luxurious Powerhouse: This sport-touring behemoth offers a smooth and comfortable ride, with its 142-horsepower engine and luxurious amenities like heated seats and electronically adjustable wind protection. 


Heritage with Bite: Inspired by Yamaha's racing legacy, the XSR900 offers a retro look with a modern twist. Its 115-horsepower engine delivers exhilarating performance while maintaining a timeless aesthetic. 


The New Kid on the Block: This revival of a legendary name brings a modern interpretation of a classic. With its 74-horsepower engine and lightweight chassis, it offers a thrilling and accessible riding experience. 

Super Tenere ES 

Adventure Awaits: Craving off-road exploration? This adventure bike boasts a 110-horsepower engine and long-travel suspension, making it capable of tackling any terrain you throw its way.