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Ducati Smart Jacket

Ducati Smart Jacket

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Ducati remains steadfast in its dedication to motorcyclist safety, evident in its adoption of cutting-edge devices available in the market. Beyond advancing active safety systems on its motorcycles and promoting responsible riding courses, the company, based in Bologna, places considerable emphasis on the clothing it offers. In collaboration with Dainese, Ducati introduces the Ducati Smart Jacket—an innovative sleeveless vest integrating Dainese’s renowned D-air® airbag technology, uniquely designed for Ducati with specialized graphics.

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The Ducati Smart Jacket ensures an elevated level of safety that exceeds industry standards, drawing on the research and technology utilized in the MotoGP racing leathers. The outcome is a versatile vest suitable for all motorcyclists and road conditions, available in both men’s and women’s versions. Notably, it can be worn over or under any motorcycle jacket, eliminating the need for any connections with the motorcycle.

1 Ducati Smart Jacket

The integrated airbag system within the vest provides protection for the rider’s back and vital organs through a patented bag. Composed of microfilaments, this bag ensures exceptional shock absorption, surpassing standard requirements upon activation.

This translates to a level of safeguarding equivalent to that provided by seven traditional back protectors, covering a more extensive area while maintaining a streamlined profile.

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The control unit, featuring seven sensors, continuously monitors and analyzes data at a rate of 1,000 times per second. The algorithm governing the system oversees airbag activation in response to various scenarios, including slides, falls, impacts with objects or other vehicles, and rear-end collisions.

This functionality extends to situations such as collisions with stationary vehicles, such as when coming to a stop at intersections.

Ducati Smart Jacket

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A user-friendly interface is incorporated, comprising a multi-color LED positioned on the chest. The LED displays a range of colors, including red, yellow, green, and blue, providing intuitive information to the user.


Before using the product, it must be registered and the system must be activated at the address

If you buy the Smart Jacket from a Ducati dealer, the dealer will take care of the registration

Without the activation and the registration, needed to notify any update, the system will not work.

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