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5 Styling Tips For Men

5 Styling Tips For Men

pexels ryan holloway 242829 5 Styling Tips For Men

Boys read Mensxp, but ‘Men’ read Bruno Aunty!

I believe, that all men deserve and have the right to dress and present themselves to the world, as they fit to do it…. irrespective of what others think and opiniate.

In today’s fashion-forward world, men have embraced the importance of personal style as a means of self-expression. Whether you’re dressing for a casual day out or a formal event, understanding the fundamental principles of men’s fashion can greatly enhance your overall appearance.

While inputs from Santa & Banta might have saved your butts often, but my buoyssss, listen to your Bruno aunty carefully, if you want to impress sek-c women like me.

Lesson no.1: Dressing is no different than cooking

pexels ryan holloway 242829 5 Styling Tips For Men

Pay a little attention to what I would say is the right technique and recipe, start with the stuff that is fit for the occasion, and never –everrrrrrrr over-think on it.  If the ingredients and the fit is right, it would be easy to satisfy the hunger; in this case, looking good. A shirt that fits well, nice shoes (polished), a little ‘jhintek’ of color, maybe a tie or a jacket and then you can call it ‘finito.’

Lesson no.2: Your sleeves should always fit

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Now, how difficult could it be you lazy bone? Agreed, you might have to dig a little, but trust me, women dig the ‘right size’– if you know what I mean. Not big, not small, but just the ‘right size.’ Make sure that your shirt and jacket sleeves fit properly and end exactly at your wrist. This would be the key difference between you dating wanna-be chickas or a beautiful one like me.

Let the shirt’s sleeve hit your natural wrist and the jacket about half an inch above that. It would be difficult to find this combo from a commercial brand as they tend to make their sleeves on the longer side to fit to get as many consumers as possible in the market, so your best bet would be your master ji– also known as a tailor.

This is decisive!

Lesson no. 3: Pants fit

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No if, no but, but only right fit- to the butt (you did think that I was going to say jatt didn’t you silly one?). Your pants should hang cleanly off your waist and hit the edge of your shoes or remain half an inch up. You do not want them to go below or around your shoes; after all, I am not giving you lessons on how to be an insurance salesman, am I?


Ask your master ji; who I am sure would turn out to be your chuddy-buddy in the near future (because you would visit him with so many ideas) to work diligently. Ask him to give the pants a bit of break i.e. let them hang over your shoes a bit. But if you are a short guy, then I would recommend letting your pants touch the shoes, or else you would end up looking more like Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones.

Lesson no. 4 : Add colors to your pants

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Boys and even some oldies (take no offense my wrinkled boyss- it’s just a metaphor) have recently adapted to colored denim and chinos, which your Bruno Aunty totally digs (lol).

If you play a safe game- light blue oxford shirt, white sneakers, this is a killer punk-rock gentleman/prep look. Ummm.. how do they say – grown but rebellious? On the other hand, dark blue or cobalt pants make a subtle statement, whereas, red is Italian in an “I Speed In My Ferrari” sort of way. You will not go unnoticed anymore.

If you want to funk around with blue jeans, try a lighter wash. It’s a rebel-dad look, in a good way.

 Lesson no. 4: Never compromise on shoes

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Looking for an alternative to your sneakers or boots? Go for loafers. But then, would it fit with all the outfits? Hell no! I wouldn’t be too averse to even chooka boots that fit most of the casual wear with ease.

So… for now.. these are the recipes for you to be a good cook. Cook? Buoys, don’t you remember I told you in the first paragraph itself – Dressing is no different to cooking. All you need is right technique and right ingredients and then – FINITO.

I will come back again next week with some more gyaan ki baatein, but in the meanwhile, shower me with your love in the comment box below. After all; Bruno Aunty digs you my lovelies J

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