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9 Best Shoes for a Casual Bike Ride

9 Best Shoes for a Casual Bike Ride

Quoc Pham Hardcourt Low 9 Best Shoes for a Casual Bike Ride

Going for a casual bike ride this weekend? A relaxed bike ride isn’t an excuse for you to break out the spandex and hardcore bike shoes – you want something that will look great and help you bike in comfort, and a little style never hurt anyone either.

If your last bike ride left you with sore feet or looking like you were in competition for the world’s least stylish cyclist, then here are a few options to help you enjoy your next bike ride in style.

DZR H20 9 Best Shoes for a Casual Bike Ride

What makes the DZR H20 interesting is that they are very sleek and unobtrusive, so they are a good choice for anyone who wants an unassuming shoe that will get the job done, while not taking away from the rest of their outfit. You also benefit from the fact that they are completely sealed, so no water will get into the shoe. If you’re worried about riding in the rain or near water, this is a great choice for you.

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DZR Strasse
DZR Strasse 9 Best Shoes for a Casual Bike Ride

The Strasse looks nothing like a bike shoe, and that’s a really good thing. The mix of finishes on the shoe sets it apart from most bike shoes, which look far more casual. This is a great shoe if you’re biking to go have a night out with friends or to a date, somewhere that you want to have a shoe that shows off your style.

Quoc Pham Hardcourt Low

Quoc Pham Hardcourt Low 9 Best Shoes for a Casual Bike Ride

Quoc Pham is another shoe that is simply made (similar to the DZR H20), but it looks very sleek and has a nice textured finish to the shoe. Again, these shoes are a good way to blend in, but with a hint of style. Most importantly, they are built for casual biking, so you won’t find yourself sore and uncomfortable after even a longer ride.

Quoc Pham Hardcourt Mid
Quoc Pham Hardcourt Mid

The Hardcourt Mid is the slightly taller version of the Hardcourt Low that we like so much. Where this works well in our mind is when you are looking for a slightly more defined look, and ideally when worn with pants. We really like this shoe for spring and fall bike rides, where it may not be warm enough to put on shorts, but you still want to wear shoes that look and feel great.

Quoc Pham Urbanite Mid

Quoc Pham Urbanite Mid 9 Best Shoes for a Casual Bike Ride

While many of the above shoes are meant to fit in, the Urbanite is built to stand out, in a good way. The leather used on the upper of these shoes is casual, but it will easily catch the eye at the same time.

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These shoes are a good counterpart to the DZR Strasse, in that they look nothing like a casual bike shoe, but they still give you good support and longevity from your shoe. You can buy this shoe in a low-top version as well, but we really prefer the mid-top, as it has slightly better styling, but ultimately you would do well with both of these shoes.

Giro Rumble VR

Giro Rumble VR 9 Best Shoes for a Casual Bike Ride

Giro is, in essence, a bike company, so many of the products that you will see from them toe the line between bike shoes and casual shoes. The Rumble VR is a good example of a pair of casual bike shoes that they make which don’t actually look like bike shoes. They have a beautiful blue look and a soft texture, which lends them more toward the casual end of the spectrum. That being said, Giro isn’t messing around with these shoes – they are built to work well on a bike, and they definitely fit their purpose.

Five Ten Kestral Lace
Five Ten Kestral Lace 9 Best Shoes for a Casual Bike Ride

The Five Ten is one of the more cyclist-focused shoes on the list, in that they still work as a casual shoe, but they will definitely make you look more like a serious cyclist who shed their clip-in shoes for a casual ride. If you want to get a good bike ride in, but you still want to look like you know what you’re doing on a bike, then these shoes will help you look the part.

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Bontrager SSR Multisport
Bontrager SSR Multisport 9 Best Shoes for a Casual Bike Ride

If your casual bike ride means a bit more time spent on a trail (or off of it) rather than on a street, then the Bontrager SSR Multisport is for you. This is one of the only cycling shoes that we would recommend for those who want to have some fun on their mountain bike, or who commute seriously and want something that is going to hold up to anything that you throw at it. For those on the more serious end of casual cycling, this is the shoe for you.

Chrome Industries Truk Pro

Chrome Industries Truk Pro 9 Best Shoes for a Casual Bike Ride

The Truk Pro is the battle-hardened shoe that is trusted by bike messengers to allow them to get their job done while still looking good. It’s a serious shoe that looks like a pair of casual kicks.

The fabric is extremely durable and it can be converted to use clips if you’d like as well.

What makes them useful for casual cyclists is the fact that the heel to the ball of the foot is stiff, while the toe of the foot is flexible, a perfect combination for cyclists who need a good range of motion.

All of the shoes on the list will be good for a casual cyclist, and there are options that are available in a number of fits and finish combinations. If you’re looking for something to help you enjoy your casual bike rides while still looking good, any of the above shoes will work.

Are you looking for new, casual shoes? What are your criteria? Let us know in the comments.

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