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Farheen SIddiqui

Farheen SIddiqui

When we search for fashion conscious people to be featured in our #promoteafriendinitiative, we look for certain qualities in a person. A spark that would make people want to know them yes, but also a grace, that sets them apart from regular fashion people and full-time models!

And this is where we found the gorgeous Farheen Siddiqui!


Smart, Strong and Sexy!

These are the three attributes that oozes out of Farheen Siddiqui, a Delhi based Fashionista and a model (only by hobby), and after conversing with her for a bit, we just knew, we HAD to feature her!

Read on, to know more about this girl!

SR: Could you tell our readers a bit about you?
My name is Farheen, I’m 19 and I am born and brought up in Delhi. I am quite an enthusiastic girl and look forward to all the activities with a positive attitude. I love travelling and exploring new and different things – be it a place, food or fashion/style. I also do modeling as a hobby, and love singing and dancing. Currently a BBA student, I would call myself an entertaining person who makes people laugh.

SR: How would you describe your fashion sense?
Fashion is something that changes rapidly with time. I like to wear leather jackets with ankle boots. I’ll prefer a tank top with a pair of high-waist jeans. Shorts look good with Tees. Belly piercing is also my style. In my closet, you’ll find mostly black, red and blue. My brands are Zara, Vero Moda, Forever21, Mango, UCB, Aldo, Nine vest, Swatch, Espirit, etc.




SR: Do you like to buy only from the branded stores, or street shops do the trick too for you?
Well, I m a big time shopaholic. I love wearing branded clothes; however, I do like shopping from street shops as well. I think it’s not about what you wear; it’s about how you wear it.

SR: We tried, but couldn’t ignore the fact that you have an absolutely toned body and curves. What’s the secret? Diet or workout?
At the end of the day, it’s a lot about genetics – there’s no two ways about it. And one should intake the required amount of nutrition in a day. But yes I do go for regular walks.

SR: Tell us a bit more about your daily life… how conscious are you when getting ready to go out?
Well, I’m not that conscious while getting ready to go out for my daily life schedule, and prefer wearing pleasing and comfortable clothes that I can carry well with minimal make-up applied.

SR: What would you say is the stronger part of your personality?
My positive viewpoint about life is the strongest of all. I am never afraid of any unfavorable circumstance. I’m a confident person and stand for what I believe is right.




SR: And your weakness?
I get attached to people and sometimes trust people soon, which can be considered as a weakness.

SR: What are the five must have’s for you in your wardrobe?
Though there are many, but considering winters- black leather jacket, a pair of slim fit jeans, high heels, a pair of ankle boots, a graceful clutch.

SR: What are your favorite fashion accessories?
I really like reflector sunglasses, short stoles, pretty necklaces, handbags, clutch, sandals, etc.

SR: Do you look to someone (a celebrity) as your fashion/style inspiration? If so then who and why?
I admire Priyanka Chopra a lot and look to her as an inspiration. Her name itself is the answer for ‘why’. She is cited as the world’s sexiest Asian woman, as well as one of the most fashionable Indian celebrities, by various media outlets.

SR: You have a tattoo on the side of your waist… what is it… what’s the story behind it?
Yes it’s designed as flame. That flame denotes divine love. Divine, because love in its first origin is nothing else than fire, and flame from the Lord as sun! It is the fire or flame of this sun which gives the being of life to every person, and it is the vital fire itself which fills the interiors of a human with heat, as can be seen from love, for in proportion as love increases with that human, he or she grows warm, and in proportion as love decreases, he or she grows cold.

SR: Would you call yourself a romantic or a serious person?
Well, I’m a SRK fan. So obviously I have to be romantic.

SR: What kind of men attracts you?
Men with amusing personality provided he is honest, romantic and down to earth.

SR: Has anyone ever come up to you and tried using pick-up lines? If yes, what was your reaction?
Lol yes, many a times! Sometimes they are really funny. The one I remember is, ‘I’m no organ donor, but I’d be happy to give you my heart.’

SR: What would you want a man to wear on the first date with you… considering it’s winters…let’s go with a winter attire for description!
If on a movie date or something like that I’d like him to wear a leather jacket. If he is taking me out for dinner then I’d like to see him in a light blazer. I’d want him to keep it simple though.

SR: Things you can’t leave home without would be?
My IPhone, wallet, small makeup kit, hairbrush, headphones, phone charger etc.

SR: Your take on
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– SV

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