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How to Pick Out the Right MDM Platform for Educational Institutions

How to Pick Out the Right MDM Platform for Educational Institutions

Screenshot 2022 01 29 at 1.22.06 PM How to Pick Out the Right MDM Platform for Educational Institutions

The global pandemic has led a majority of K-12 and university institutions to shift gears and turn their attention to online learning. Based on Think Impact findings, 80% of schools have acquired or are ready to acquire online learning technology for their students. Learning via online platforms has shown that students retain between 25-60% more information compared to traditional learning. 

This is because today’s students are used to utilizing web-based and mobile platforms to learn, do research, and network with their peers. It is where MDM platforms can come in handy, regardless of the nature of your educational institution. What are MDM platforms all about, and how can you choose the right one for your students in anticipation of 2022 also papers writing help?

Reasons to Use an MDM Platform for your Educational Institution

MDM, or Mobile Device Management platforms, are designed to ensure close access and control of mobile apps or platforms within your network. They are often used for enterprise-level intranet systems, or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), but educational institutions are not exempt from this. 

As students use mobile platforms to write papers, do research for essays, and study, MDM can be useful to ensure their privacy and online safety. MDM can help teachers notice when students submit assignments done by a college paper writer without looking or used it as a reference to improve their papers. Teachers can manage their classrooms, study materials, and share internal documents with students or amongst themselves far more safely with an MDM. It would give you insight into how students study, which resources they access the most, and how you can build their curriculums. 

Using a Mobile Device Management platform is a net positive, especially in a university environment where thousands of students use different devices. How do you choose the right platform for your educational institution?

Deciding Which MDM Platform is Suitable for your Needs

  1. Consider the Implementation Scale

How many students do you intend to cover with your MDM platform? For small-scale implementation, you may be able to use free licenses and avoid complex platforms altogether. However, if you intend to use MDM in your entire university, you may need to think about business-level licenses and developer support.

  1. Take your Student Age Groups into Consideration

Different MDMs will be suited better for K-12 than university students. It all comes down to the level of monitoring and control you need to implement, based on your students’ age. University seniors can use a free plagiarism checker, but won’t need moment-to-moment monitoring like K-12 students. If your students spend more time writing assignments than playing during class, go for more complex MDM offerings.

  1. Double-Check the MDMs OS Support

Even though MDMs are inherently designed to allow for mobile-based content management and monitoring, Android and iOS differ greatly. Some MDMs are designed for a single OS, some for two, and some even offer web-based features. Be sure you’re familiar with the types of devices and OS your students predominantly use before settling for an MDM solution.

  1. Explore the MDMs Features Thoroughly

If you’re looking for specific features in your MDM, now’s the time to think about that. Many MDMs offer shades of similar features, but some offer unique ones like printer or IoT monitoring in addition to BYOD. Consider whether you want to use MDM solely on-site or via BYOD and compare feature lists among different platforms before settling for the right one.

MDM Platforms to Consider Using for your Educational Institution

Now that we have a better idea of how to choose the right MDM platform, let’s also take a look at some examples. These platforms are uniquely designed for schools and universities, with features for teachers and students alike. They will help your staff and students feel much safer online and help you the manage stress of working on multiple projects, courses, and exams simultaneously. Use these MDM examples as your baseline and explore your options.

Impero Software is an MDM platform used by educational and corporate institutions around the globe, with promoters like Microsoft and Azure behind them. For educational institutions, Impero Software provides a great internet curation feature in addition to 40+ languages supported in its UI. The tool allows teachers to centralize their student data tracking and help them whenever they spot behavioral inconsistencies or dips in performance. Impero Software can also simplify and streamline your classroom management through its cross-platform support.

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Lightspeed MDM is designed with several dedicated sub-features for online protection in mind. It features Lightspeed Filter for online student safety and Lightspeed Alert for real-time warnings about your students’ security. Lightspeed Analytics helps you understand your students and help them become better in their academic pursuits, for example. This is a comprehensive platform from which both K-12 and university institutions can benefit. 

While designed primarily for Apple and iOS devices, Securly is an MDM platform designed solely for school implementation. This makes it stand apart from others which are also widely used for corporate purposes. Securly MDM is a cloud-based MDM and features a very user-friendly UI while giving teachers all the control they need for student management. Securly MDM can easily be used in pre-school and kindergarten scenarios, making it a versatile and worthwhile option for educational institutions.

To Summarize

Creating a safe, mobile-friendly study platform for your students will gain you their favor and ensure their online safety. MDMs are the next step in ensuring that online learning is privacy-friendly and allows students to use the web without fear of their identities being exposed. 

Test your MDM in a controlled environment with a select few classes before applying it across different departments. Analyzing post-interaction data will give you plenty of insight into how to proceed further and provide your students with the best possible learning experiences in 2022.

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