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NetApp and Ducati Corse Renew Partnership

NetApp and Ducati Corse Renew Partnership


Today, NetApp, the renowned global software company focused on cloud technology and data management, has officially announced the extension of its partnership agreement with Ducati Corse for the seasons spanning from 2023 to 2025.

As part of this continued collaboration, Ducati Corse has designated NetApp as its Official Data Infrastructure Partner.

One of the latest achievements of this partnership is the introduction of an innovative virtual data management and insights solution tailored for race analytics and research and development (R&D), leveraging NetApp’s ONTAP®, SnapMirror™, and FlexCache™ technologies.

Revolutionizing Data Management for Ducati

In the high-speed world of grand prix racing, where every millisecond counts, Ducati Corse recognized the need for faster synchronization between the racetrack and engineering teams located in various places, including their headquarters in Borgo Panigale.

In response, Ducati turned to NetApp to co-create a cutting-edge data management and insights solution. This solution now delivers nearly real-time data sharing and analytics, empowering technical teams to extract the utmost value from their test and race weekend sessions.

Such efficiency can make all the difference between securing pole position and starting further down the grid.

Gabie Boko on the Partnership

Gabie Boko, the Chief Marketing Officer at NetApp, expressed, “Through our collaborative innovation with Ducati, we have played a pivotal role in transforming their data infrastructure, enhancing every aspect of their software development, design, and engineering processes. Our partnership has enabled the swift exchange of data and real-time analytics, revolutionizing the landscape of elite motorcycle racing data analysis. Ducati is a shining star in Italy’s ‘Motor Valley,’ and we are committed to continuing this journey with them, contributing to their pursuit of greater success.”

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The advantages of this jointly developed solution encompass:

  1. Seamless connectivity between Ducati’s data infrastructure clusters, enabling engineers to access continuously available data from anywhere.
  2. The ability to utilize data insights obtained in a high-performance racing environment across all of Ducati’s business units.
  3. A software-defined approach that establishes a robust and efficient data storage foundation based on NetApp’s ONTAP®, drawing on NetApp’s extensive experience in enterprise data management innovation and product leadership.
  4. Optimized data transfer facilitated by NetApp ONTAP with SnapMirror, ensuring unified, high-speed, and secure data replication.
  5. The implementation of FlexCache remote caching for actively read data only. This enhances collaboration across multiple locations, accelerates data throughput, and reduces WAN bandwidth costs.

Gigi Dall’Igna, the General Manager of Ducati Corse, commented, “With this data management platform, we can seamlessly manage, share, protect, and transfer our data in our hybrid cloud environment. This includes the journey from our factory to the garage, and right onto the racetrack during an event, while also providing fast, secure, and seamless data sharing with our engineers. As Triple Crown holders and as winners of our first MotoGP Riders’ World Title in 15 years, we require the best in technology, data, and data management to defend our titles. We have full confidence in our partnership with NetApp to help us achieve this goal.”

Since 2018, NetApp and Ducati have joined forces to effectively manage 200 applications and support 90 virtual machines in a disaster recovery center.

NetApp has been instrumental in providing the speed and capacity necessary for Ducati to manage branch operations, conduct on-site data analysis, and transition data to a hybrid cloud, ultimately reducing the time required for prototype development and the launch of new motorcycle models.

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