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Anand Bhushan Solves Your Styling Queries

Anand Bhushan Solves Your Styling Queries

fresco Anand Bhushan Solves Your Styling Queries

In the world of fashion, where trends come and go, and designers strive to make their mark, Anand Bhushan stands as a true maverick.

With his avant-garde designs and a bold, fearless approach, Bhushan has carved a niche for himself in the Indian fashion industry.

Known for his unconventional aesthetic, he has become a beacon of creativity and innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally expected from Indian fashion.

Q. Would wearing a linen suit be acceptable for a casual Delhi wedding in late march?
With Delhi temperature rising to a million degrees under shade, you definitely want to feel every breeze coming your way, and the best way to do so is with an open-weave fabric like a linen. However the only drawback is that it gets wrinkled heavily before you reach the wedding venue.

fresco Anand Bhushan Solves Your Styling Queries

I suggest instead of Linen, Fresco fabric is a great alternative. The key is to look sharp without sweating buckets.

Q. I am 20 years old who also tries to dress fashionable. The last time I went to Emporio- Delhi, I was a way too naive to shop all alone. I want to know, if I were to go there next week, what should I wear for people to see me and think to themselves, he has money and certainly should be shopping here? Keep in mind, I surely do not have deep pockets.
The key is to look modest yet sharp at a luxury mall. Don’t overdress and go just because you happen to have a few clothes from a luxury brand. The blazer is an iconic piece of menswear, and precisely for this very reason that you can team it up with your favorite pair of jeans and shoes to make a dapper impact.

bu Anand Bhushan Solves Your Styling Queries

Also learn to pronounce the brand’s name before you enter. Will save you from an embarrassing situation.

Q. I made an error by washing and drying my long-sleeve, pullover DKNY ribbed-knit and linen shirts. Is there any remedy? Please tell me there is… for I love these outfits and would hate to lose them.
Oh dear! This is a disaster. I suggest take it to a dry cleaner and ask him for help. Though I feel nothing much can be obtained from this task. Always remember to “Dry Clean” only the next time.

Q. My friend and I were arguing about whether or not one should button down the collar of a shirt if he was not wearing a tie. I said no; he said yes. What’s your take?

shrt Anand Bhushan Solves Your Styling Queries

Though I’m not a big fan of button down shirts as it looks very dated, if you wish to wear one keep it buttoned down if the top button is closed, and keep it unbuttoned if you let ur top button open.

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Q. I realize being fit is the best thing you can do to make your clothes look great. I’m in the process of losing weight, however, I am wondering what the best clothing options are for a guy with a larger midsection.
Being a person with a larger midsection myself, Iv mastered the art of covering up over the years. The key is to get tailored clothes than buy ready to wear ones. Another great way to deal with this situation is to cover yourself up with a dark blazer.


Always accessorize with a bow tie, broach or a scarf. It dilutes attention from the midsection.

Anand Bhushan is an award winning post graduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and a graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, but more than his formal education informs his training and experience as a designer.

If you have any question that you would want to ask our experts, do write in to us at

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