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Panasonic TMAX45 Party Speaker

Panasonic TMAX45 Party Speaker

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Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND), a prominent technology company with a diverse range of offerings, has introduced its latest event speaker – TMAX45. This high-powered audio system produces a robust, high-quality sound output of approximately 1000W(RMS), showcasing a 6.5-inch double woofer, double tweeter, and bass reflex ports for an immersive audio experience.

The TMAX45 ensures seamless connectivity, allowing easy integration through the microphone jack for karaoke or connection to a guitar jack for use as a guitar amp. Designed for convenience with a built-in handle, this party speaker offers seven color illumination options that complement various sound modes, including Rock, Jazz, Samba, Pop, and Flat.

Priced at INR 30,990, the TMAX45 is available at Panasonic brand shops, the Panasonic D2C platform (, major retail outlets nationwide, and popular e-commerce portals.

Fumiyasu Fujimori, Managing Director of Panasonic Marketing India, PLSIND, emphasized the historical association of the name “Panasonic” with sound dating back to the launch of their first speaker in 1955. He highlighted Panasonic’s commitment to delivering top-quality sound globally, combining “Pan,” meaning universal, and “Sonic,” representing sound.

Fujimori expressed the organization’s dedication to creating technologically advanced products that enhance everyday life moments, with the TMAX45 serving as a testament to this commitment, providing an all-encompassing audio solution for immersive, portable, and stylish sound experiences that elevate social gatherings.

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Samaksh Ahuja, Product Category Chief for Consumer Electronics at PLSIND, described the TMAX45 as more than just a speaker; it’s a party-starter in a box. In response to the current demand for enhanced social interactions, Ahuja highlighted the speaker’s ability to effortlessly perform in various locations, offering convenience and easy connectivity.

The TMAX45 incorporates technology to deliver powerful bass and clear audio even outdoors, featuring microphone and guitar inputs, customizable lighting, and other features to enhance the overall entertainment experience. This party speaker is positioned as a significant addition to Panasonic’s existing audio portfolio, providing substantial value to consumers seeking an exceptional audio solution for celebrations and gatherings.

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