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Yamaha RX100: The Legend Is Coming Back

Yamaha RX100: The Legend Is Coming Back

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Experience the resurgence of a legendary presence on Indian roads with the iconic Yamaha RX100, once celebrated as the pinnacle of efficiency. In a terrain where Yamaha motorcycles have earned widespread acclaim, the RX100 continues to enchant hearts, maintaining its allure even after decades since its introduction.

The Legacy

The Yamaha RX100, a quintessential emblem of biking excellence, has reshaped its story in present-day India. Despite the march of modernization, the enduring charm of this timeless motorcycle endures, captivating enthusiasts with its enduring appeal. Pledging to cater to the tastes of the current generation, Yamaha is actively shaping a fresh identity for the esteemed RX100, ready to establish new benchmarks in the market.

Yamaha RX100 Engine

Embracing the spirit of modernity, Yamaha is overhauling the RX100 to comply with the stringent emission standards of BS6 Phase 2. The motorcycle’s core, its engine, embarks on a transformative journey, embodying both efficiency and performance. The upcoming model features a robust 225.9cc BS6 engine, producing an impressive power output of 20.1 bhp, coupled with a torque of 19.93 Nm. This technological advancement ensures a seamless fusion of power and eco-friendliness, offering an exhilarating riding experience while minimizing environmental impact.


With excitement building for the revival of the Yamaha RX100, enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating information about its pricing. Although Yamaha keeps the exact pricing structure under wraps, industry insiders speculate a competitive range falling between Rs 1.25 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh. This strategic pricing approach aims to find a harmonious balance between affordability and the premium experience provided by the redesigned RX100.

Yamaha RX100, rx 100 bike, 100 Yamaha bike, 1968 Yamaha 100, 1986 Yamaha rx 100 for sale, 1990 Yamaha rx 100, 2 hand rx 100, 2nd hand rx 100 bike, 2nd hand rx100

The Wait

The comeback of the Yamaha RX100 represents more than a simple return; it embodies a cultural phenomenon deeply rooted in the collective consciousness of Indian bikers. As Yamaha sets forth on this expedition to redefine biking excellence, enthusiasts eagerly look forward to the introduction of the new RX100, expected to reignite the passion for biking across the nation.

The Timeless Classic

Enter the domain of biking excellence with the Yamaha RX100, a revived timeless classic ready to dominate the roads of modern-day India. From its storied legacy to its forward-looking improvements, the RX100 encapsulates the essence of evolution, ensuring an unmatched riding experience for enthusiasts throughout the nation.

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Since its introduction, the Yamaha RX100 has consistently been associated with unmatched performance and enduring allure. As it gets ready to write a new chapter in its rich history, the RX100 stands as a testament to Yamaha’s dedication to innovation and excellence in the realm of biking.

Technical Specifications

Adapting to contemporary requirements, Yamaha engineers have systematically revamped the RX100 to comply with the rigorous BS6 Phase 2 emission standards. This transformation extends to its powerhouse, featuring a state-of-the-art 225.9cc BS6 engine at its core, boasting an impressive 20.1 bhp of power and 19.93 Nm of torque. These advancements assure not only thrilling performance but also a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future for biking enthusiasts.


With heightened anticipation for the launch of the redesigned RX100, Yamaha has employed a strategic pricing strategy, ensuring accessibility without compromising on quality. Priced within the estimated range of Rs 1.25 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh, the RX100 strives to democratize biking excellence, making it accessible for enthusiasts from all walks of life.

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