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Mercedes-AMG Unveils Exclusive G 63 Grand Edition in India

Mercedes-AMG Unveils Exclusive G 63 Grand Edition in India

Mercedes AMG G 63

The Mercedes G-class, affectionately known as the G-Wagon, has garnered a devoted following in India, much like it has achieved worldwide. To cater to the demands of its loyal fanbase, Mercedes-AMG has recently unveiled the G 63 Grand Edition in India, a truly exclusive offering with a price tag of Rs 4 crore.

This distinguished vehicle takes luxury and performance to new heights, embodying the epitome of automotive extravagance.

Limited Edition Luxury

Mercedes AMG G 63

The G 63 Grand Edition is a testament to exclusivity, as only 1,000 units will be manufactured globally, with a mere 25 units set to grace the roads of India.

However, there is a catch – this particular variant is reserved solely for customers who already own a Maybach, AMG, or S-Class vehicle, adding an additional layer of prestige to its ownership. These fortunate individuals can anticipate taking delivery of their coveted G 63 Grand Edition starting from the first quarter of 2024.

Design Delights

Mercedes AMG G 63

At first glance, the unique aesthetics of the G 63 Grand Edition captivate the eye. The exterior boasts a mesmerizing Manufaktur night black mango paint, which accentuates the car’s lines and contours.

Enhancing this allure further is the presence of the iconic Affalterbach logo, prominently displayed on the bonnet in Kalahari gold magno, serving as a symbol of the unrivaled performance that lies beneath its majestic facade.

The front optical underride protection, inlays in the front and rear bumpers, the Mercedes Star in the spare wheel inlay, and the vehicle’s spare wheel ring all beautifully incorporate this attention-grabbing hue.

Adding to its allure, the G 63 Grand Edition adorns 22-inch AMG forged alloy wheels, adorned with a Mercedes star and a captivating tech gold paint finish on the central locking nut. These meticulous design choices not only elevate the vehicle’s appearance but also exemplify the brand’s commitment to excellence.

A Luxurious Interior

Mercedes AMG G 63 Interior

Stepping inside the G 63 Grand Edition is an experience in itself, as opulence and sophistication embrace the senses. The interior showcases a captivating combination of black and gold, exuding an air of elegance and refinement.

The seats, enveloped in sumptuous Manufaktur black nappa leather, are adorned with exquisite gold contrast stitching, further accentuating the vehicle’s exclusivity. In a testament to unparalleled attention to detail, even the roof grab handles are wrapped in the same luxurious leather.

To enhance the overall aesthetic, Mercedes incorporates copper thread on carbon trim elements, infusing a touch of regality into the interior ambiance. The door sill trim, embellished with the iconic AMG logos, is yet another testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail displayed throughout this magnificent vehicle.

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Furthermore, the passenger-side grab handle’s inlay trim piece, crafted from carbon with copper thread, proudly bears the “Grand Edition” insignia, serving as a reminder of the unique and distinguished nature of this model.

Unleashing Performance

Mercedes AMG G 63

While the G 63 Grand Edition mesmerizes with its striking appearance, it is the performance under the hood that truly sets it apart. Equipped with a formidable 4.0-liter V8 petrol engine, generating an awe-inspiring 585PS of power and an impressive 850 Nm of torque, this SUV commands attention on the road.

Acceleration is a thrill, with the G 63 Grand Edition capable of reaching a top speed of 220 kmph and achieving the 0 to 100 kmph sprint in less than 4.5 seconds.

This outstanding power is efficiently harnessed and distributed to all four wheels through the seamless integration of Mercedes’ cutting-edge 4MATIC technology, delivering a driving experience that seamlessly combines exhilaration and control.

In summary, the Mercedes-AMG G 63 Grand Edition epitomizes the zenith of automotive excellence. Its limited availability, captivating design, opulent interior, and formidable performance collectively define the epitome of luxury and automotive prowess. For those privileged enough to possess this vehicle, the G 63 Grand Edition serves as an unmistakable testament to their discerning taste and unwavering pursuit of the finest offerings in the automotive realm.

earth Mercedes-AMG Unveils Exclusive G 63 Grand Edition in India

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