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GOBI Cashmere: The Mongolian Difference

GOBI Cashmere: The Mongolian Difference

gob GOBI Cashmere: The Mongolian Difference

GOBI Cashmere, the Mongolian brand synonymous with attainable luxury and traceability, creates cashmere collections sustainably that allow customers worldwide to experience the Mongolian difference when it comes to cashmere craftsmanship.

Dedicated to preserving centuries-old nomadic traditions, fostering harmony with nature, and delivering a superior quality that can be felt at first touch, GOBI Cashmere is pleased to be honoring what it means to be #MadeinMongolia today.  

At the heart of GOBI Cashmere’s story lies the enduring craft of Mongolian nomadic herders, whose lifestyle embodies sustainable living at its best. GOBI Cashmere was built with the vision to combine a harmonious blend of traditional practices with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, creating products that surpass expectations.

All GOBI collections begin with the local nomadic herders who care for the goats from which cashmere fibers are sourced as though they are family.

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Goats are gently combed by the herders each spring ahead of the warm months of summer, and raw fiber is then transported to GOBI’s facilities where the team oversees every step of the process from fiber to finished product, ensuring ethical practices at every step. 

23 GOBI Cashmere: The Mongolian Difference

Few companies in the world can provide as much traceability when it comes to the creation of their products, and GOBI prides itself on being able to share each garment’s production story all the way back to the individual herder and goat from which the raw fibers were sourced.

The brand remains committed to supporting the local community, way of life, and economy by being 100% #MadeinMongolia, a badge that GOBI wears proudly.  

Mongolia holds a well-deserved reputation as the world’s premier destination for cashmere production, attributed to a unique set of factors that set it apart from other regions:

Climate and Geography

The highest quality cashmere is the softest, and Mongolia’s harsh natural climate and rugged terrain provide ideal conditions for cashmere goats to thrive and produce an incredibly soft coat. The extreme cold temperatures in winter prompt the growth of a soft and warm undercoat on the goats, which is known as cashmere. The goats’ natural adaptation to the harsh environment results in the production of high-quality, densely-packed fibers. 

Nomadic Tradition

Mongolia has a rich nomadic herding tradition, where communities have thrived on the vast steppes herding goats for millennia. The nomadic herders have developed a deep understanding of the goats’ behavior, grazing patterns, and nutrition, enabling them to manage and maintain the health of the herds effectively. GOBI upholds a unique tradition of nomadic life, while ensuring the production of comfortable, high-quality cashmere without depleting the land or causing harm to the animals. 

By collaborating closely with these herders, the brand ensures fair and ethical practices that empower local communities. Through partnerships built on decades of trust and respect, GOBI Cashmere provides herders with a stable income and economic opportunities, elevating their quality of life and preserving their unique way of living. This dedication to traditional craftsmanship not only ensures the authenticity of their products but also supports the continuity of a rich cultural legacy.

22 1 GOBI Cashmere: The Mongolian Difference

Unique Characteristics

The cashmere produced in Mongolia is distinctive due to its natural luster, warmth, and softness. These unique characteristics make Mongolian cashmere highly sought after by luxury fashion brands and discerning consumers worldwide. GOBI Cashmere achieves a remarkable level of quality that rivals renowned luxury houses, while offering its garments at a fraction of the price. This is made possible through the company’s vertical integration and close personal relationships with the world’s top herders, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and access to the finest cashmere fibers at an attainable pricepoint for shoppers worldwide.

Fiber Quality

Mongolian cashmere is renowned for its exceptional quality. Cashmere’s quality is determined by its length and thinness, in other words, “microns”. Compared to the industry average of 19 microns, Mongolian Cashmere, or King Fiber, is the longest and thinnest ranging from 13-14 microns,  which is considered extremely soft and results in a luxurious hand feel.

The longer staple length of Mongolian cashmere fibers contributes to their durability and ability to be spun into high-quality yarns and fabrics. This quality can be felt in each collection produced by GOBI Cashmere, as the brand prioritizes the attributes for which Mongolian Cashmere is renowned.

Sustainable Practices

When it comes to Mongolian cashmere production, acknowledging the interconnectedness of human activities with the natural world is paramount, and understanding the delicate ecosystems in which cashmere goats thrive ensures that every step of the production process is carried out with minimal negative impact on the environment.

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GOBI Cashmere only works with herders who adhere to traditional herding techniques that prioritize the well-being of the goats and the preservation of grazing lands. 

Ethical Considerations

Mongolian cashmere is often associated with ethical practices. The traditional nomadic herding lifestyle ensures that the goats are free-range and not subjected to harmful practices such as mulesing. Mongolian herders prioritize the well-being of their animals and follow ethical guidelines for sustainable herding and fiber harvesting.

GOBI Cashmere works exclusively with trusted herders who have embraced the practice of humane hand-combing of the fibers, resulting in an even more exquisite and comfortable cashmere. GOBI only works with a trusted few herders who treat their flock like family.

“As a Mongolian Cashmere brand,” states Unenbat Chuluunbat, CEO of GOBI Mongolian Cashmere USA Corp, “we take immense pride in embodying the harmonious union of heritage and innovation.”

This combination of climate, tradition, sustainability, and quality reaffirms Mongolia’s esteemed status as a leader in the cashmere industry. GOBI Cashmere continues to redefine the concept of luxury by embodying sustainability and elevating the Mongolian community that nurtures its exceptional products.

With each exquisitely crafted piece, GOBI Cashmere weaves a story of harmony with nature, honoring centuries-old traditions, and empowering the communities that contribute to its timeless elegance. 

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