10 Illegal Exotic Pets to Avoid 

Lions, tigers, and cheetahs belong in the wild, not your living room. These majestic predators have complex needs and pose a serious danger to humans. 

Big Cats


Chimpanzees, monkeys, and lemurs are intelligent social creatures. Confining them to a cage deprives them of the social interaction and mental stimulation they crave. 



Owning a rattlesnake or cobra is a recipe for disaster.  Even with the best care, venomous snakes can escape or strike unexpectedly. 

Venomous Snakes 


Monitor lizards and crocodiles might seem cool, but they grow large, have powerful jaws, and can inflict serious injuries. 

Dangerous Reptile 


Keeping a pangolin or a slow loris as a pet is not only illegal, it contributes to the decline of these threatened animals. 

Endangered Species 


Parrots and toucans are beautiful, but they require specialized care and large enclosures. Their wild calls and messy habits might not be ideal for your home. 

Wild Birds 


Dolphins, seals, and otters are highly intelligent and social animals.  Keeping them in a tank is a far cry from the vast oceans or rivers they call home. 

Aquatic Mammals 


This one deserves repeating!  Owning a jaguar, cougar, or leopard is a terrible idea. These wild cats have powerful instincts and can inflict life-threatening injuries. 

Big Cats (Part Two) 


Cute and cuddly as bear cubs might seem, they grow into large, unpredictable animals with powerful claws and teeth. 



These gentle giants have complex social structures and require enormous space to roam. Keeping an elephant as a pet is simply cruel.