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Anxiety Attack: My Personal Story

Anxiety Attack: My Personal Story

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Before you decide to treat this as a regular article on an anxiety attack, let me ask you, please don’t.

The reason I say this is because this is not just an article, but the story of my life, that I have decided to share with the world and help those who may have faced, are facing, or may face something similar.

About six years back, I was at home, working on a blog post, when suddenly, I felt this disturbing sensation in my lower back. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t quite figure out what it was and had no real words to describe it to my girlfriend, who happened to be there at that moment.

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Now, I do have a ruptured disc issue in my life, but I just knew, that it wasn’t because of that and was a completely different thing altogether.

I couldn’t keep sitting on the chair and found myself breathing hard. Heart beating fast and feeling restless; over nothing! I tried to walk it off and rubbed my back profusely but to no avail. I talked to her and kept my mind busy for a while and in about 7-8 minutes, started feeling normal.

Dazed a bit, I searched online for the symptoms and figure that I had just experienced my first-ever Anxiety Attack. Yes- Anxiety Attack!

You can connect with me on my social media accounts and talk about your struggle if you need a friend.

For those who do not know about it- an anxiety attack is a state of body and mind, wherein, your heart starts pounding, your palms sweat for no reason, you find it hard to breathe and certain portions of your body give you some irritating, yet unidentifiable, sensations!

All of it, I have felt two more times, since my first. And trust me when I say this, not only it is a horrible physical trauma, but more than that. It takes a toll mentally, which you should never ignore.

After my second time though I tried to figure out ways to counter it and overcome the fear of being in the flux, and here are some points, which helped me, that I want to share with you guys!

Anxiety Attack: It’s Just A Feeling

Easy said than done! But yes, it does help a bit. You need to convince your body and mind that it is just a feeling and there is nothing wrong with you or your body. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, just walk away from it and take easy breaths. Don’t let them race ahead of you. Remember, you are the boss, not this gutted pathetic feeling!

If You Get An Anxiety Attack, Please Don’t Hesitate To Admit

Do not, ever, keep the situation to yourself. Speak about it to the person or people you trust. I always talked/messaged my girlfriend (when I had one) whenever I have suffered from one- to date! Getting a different perspective on life’s situation is not a bad thing at all.

Mend Your Relationships In Life

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No, it is not meant or restricted to a girlfriend or boyfriend. By this I mean, mend your relationship with people who are close to you in your life. Be it your family or friends, if you are facing stress from any of them, talk to them about it and get your stress level sorted. Anxiety is triggered by stress and the less it is in your life, the better you would be at fighting it.

To Solve Anxiety Attack – Step Away From Work

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Realize one thing, which I have in the last couple of months. Your work will result in so much. No matter how intensely you push for it, it won’t break the dam and flow rivers for you when it is not meant to. Take a backseat occasionally and forget the desk at which you work. Go pamper yourself, indulge in some random shit, and do not worry about what kind of losses it might be resulting in your professional productivity, because life my dear friend, is much more than just working nonstop.

Don’t Overreact on Your Anxiety Attack

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Remember the first point? It’s just a feeling and it will vanish soon. Don’t pay much attention to it and get more bothered than you already are. Stop reacting to it and soon your body would stop reacting too.

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Manifest Positivity

Our thoughts can become our own worst enemy during an anxiety attack. Negative self-talk and catastrophic thinking can intensify feelings of fear and hopelessness.

To counteract these harmful thought patterns, I employ positive affirmations. I tell myself, “I am safe,” “I can handle this,” and “This too shall pass.” By repeating these affirmations, I slowly shift my mindset towards a more positive outlook.

Guys, I am not an expert on neurological disorders, nor am I a psychologist, I have listed these points completely out of personal experience and things that helped me overcome Anxiety, at least to an extent, if not completely.

What I can tell you though is that our fears (for anything and everything), lie in our heads and it is those fears that trigger such collapses. The simpler and not-so-riddled life that we live, the better the chances for us to have a healthier one.

My journey with anxiety has been marked by ups and downs, but learning to handle anxiety attacks has empowered me to regain control of my life. By recognizing the signs, employing deep breathing and mindfulness, using grounding techniques, practicing positive affirmations, seeking support from loved ones, and seeking professional help, I have become better equipped to face anxiety head-on.

Remember, it’s okay to have setbacks, and healing is a gradual process. With time, patience, and perseverance, you too can find your path towards inner calmness and emotional well-being.

Let my experience serve as a reminder that you are stronger than anxiety, and with the right tools, you can conquer even the most challenging moments.

Stay away from stress, stay from people who do not matter and who do nothing, but bother you for useless things, fall in love, spend time with family, and occasionally; feed a stray dog.

It might not make your life perfect, but it will give you enough good memories to combat certain bad situations in life, such as an anxiety attack!

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  • A very well written article and wishing you all the good health 💐

    Anxiety should be seen more seriously. Especially in conventional background. Most of the time men of the house pass derogatory comments if some male member complains about anxiety or depression .

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