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Miss India 2011 – Kanishtha Dhankar

Miss India 2011 – Kanishtha Dhankar


Tall, sultry, vivacious and an eye-teaser! She is everything that a man could ask for a woman to be. With a career that has seen the pinnacle of success in literally no time, Miss India 2011 i.e. Kanishtha Dhankar, today is one of the most sought after faces in the Indian fashion industry.

We got a chance to have a brief chit-chat with the lady herself, where we talked about work, her life and much more.

Here are the excerpts…

SR- Let’s start our conversation from that moment when you were crowned Miss India in 2011. How was the feeling?
KD – Well, there is only one word that could describe that feeling and that word has to be; Amazing!

SR – There must have been some regrets not winning the Miss World title? Where do you think you missed out?
KD – One rule I live by is having no regrets and I have no regrets at all. The experience in the whole was completely life-changing and I grew through the process in so many ways! I also met so many beautiful souls and I have no regrets about that.

SR – And was it always a dream or a conscious decision to get into modeling?
KD – I would say it was a mix of both.

SR – Your father is in the Indian Navy and men in the military are considered to be very strict. What was his response when you told him that you are taking up a career in fashion industry?
KD – He just said one thing, make sure you stay true to yourself and don’t let your grades drop :-). I was in university at the time and always made sure that I don’t give him a chance to get rough on me because of my grades. And I think I did a decent job!

SR – Your career has zoomed to new heights of success in literally no time, what is the secret behind it?
KD – Well I believe I put in a lot of hard work and nothing in life comes easy. I’ve only been trying to put my best foot forward. Guess that’s all that it takes, isn’t it?

SR – Did working with Madhur Bhandarker in Fashion played in the success of your career?
KD – Well it was barely a role, it was a one liner. So I would have to say it hasn’t played a part in my career. But it was fun.

SR – You are also one of the Kingfisher Calendar 2013 girls… talk us through that experience!
KD – It was so much fun! We shot the calendar in Cape Town, South Africa, and I absolutely fell in love with everything about it. All the locations were magnificent. And Atul and the team were so great to work with.

SR – In a cut-throat competition today and the stressful schedule, how do you keep yourself spirited for work?
KD – It surely is a cut throat world but that probably is the biggest. Inspiration for us all. To be able to follow our dreams and work for them to come true in this super competitive time, it has its own charm.

SR – Do you follow any fitness regime? If yes, then please do share it with our readers.
KD – I love fitness! I do Pilates, yoga and Cardio. I also did interval training for 3 months to change up the workout a little-bit.

SR – There has been a long going debate if the era of Indian super-model has long gone. What’s your take on it?
KD – Well I absolutely adore the Indian super-models, but there’s always a new generation and a new time for new talent. And the debate I think can be put to an end by giving new talent a chance.

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SR – You have also walked in New York Fashion Week, how different are international fashion weeks than that of our domestic ones?
KD – Fashion is such a big industry internationally and that’s why everything is just done on such a big scale! The runways are amazing and super long! It’s just so nerve wrecking and exhilarating at the same time.

SR – Who are the gen-next designers who have impressed you the most in India. And why?
KD – Atsu, Prashant Varma, Gaurav GuptaN Alpana and Neeraj, and Shivan-Naresh! Just for being absolutely brave, unique and talented.

SR – Any tips for the young and upcoming models?
KD – Let your personalities shine, that’s the only thing that’s going to make you stand out in a crowd.

Quick Facts –

A word you use the most : A phrase- ‘Go for it’
Favorite outfit : Basics
Favorite cologne : Chanel Chance
Love for you is : Magic!
Sex for you is : Natural
Idea of a perfect man : Honest
If you were not a model, then you would have been : Probably been in advertising or photography

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