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What Makes A Man Irresistible To Women

What Makes A Man Irresistible To Women

pexels helena lopes 2055234 What Makes A Man Irresistible To Women

What is it that sets certain men apart, making them irresistible to others? Is it their physical appearance, their personality, or a combination of various factors?

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, we will explore some qualities that often contribute to a man’s irresistible charm.

From self-confidence and authenticity to kindness and ambition, we delve into the key characteristics that make a man truly irresistible.

What man, at one time or another, hasn’t dreamed of having a magical wand. A magical wand which would instantly turn him into this charming, sexy, irresistible beast (OK, read guy) that women found, well, irresistible. (That’s what he wished for!)

But you wouldn’t want to be irresistible to all women, right?

I mean, that would be insane.

Too much trouble.

You’d simply want to be charming and irresistible to the girls you are attracted to. So, at this point, let’s ditch the wand, let’s get to work. Oh, not that work, the ‘works’ that can, indeed, make you super irresistible. Of course, this needs works. Phew! Are we confusing you…? Sorry, read on…

Tell Her A Story

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You’ll be surprised to know that women do enjoy listening. Yes, it is true. But the trouble is, since most men lack the ‘story telling’ aspect, this is not a well-known fact. If you want women to want you, learn to tell a killer story – about a movie, experience or anything – and women will LOVE you for it! No matter how HOT or unattainable they are.

Humour Her Cocky

pexels andrea piacquadio 789822 What Makes A Man Irresistible To Women
Now, this is being sassy. Cocky comedy means combining cockiness or arrogance with humour.

This is the most powerful attraction enhancing trait a man can ever have. And most men do have it! Always have something wise-ass thing to say and women are gonna love being with you. But beware, if you are too cocky, you’ll appear insecure…too funny, you’ll appear silly! With this complexity, how do you know it is working? She’s laughing.

Show Some Class
This is no news flash. Women are attracted to men who have class. Period. Here, small simple things can keep you going in a long run to becoming irresistible to women. For example, dress up well. Hold open doors for her. Draw the chair for her at a restaurant. Whoa! This works. We guarantee!

Be Thoughtful

pexels helena lopes 2055234 What Makes A Man Irresistible To Women
Whether it is a single flower or Swarovski earrings (or Diamonds!), all gifts make women feel the same inside – warm and fuzzy. It is because these gifts make women feel that you are thinking about her “off the clock”. But women REALLY find erotic is that “hey, I am thinking of you” out of nowhere. Call her / text her…let her know she is in your thoughts and she will forever be in awe of you.

Be Romantic

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Romance is about more than the run-up to sex; it’s also about more than buying her flowers and lighting candles. It’s really about looking past the surface of a woman and letting her know that you love what you see. It’s about having the imagination to spot opportunities and drop a perfect compliment at the right moment, or tell a fascinating story that shows you know what matters to her. Learn to do that, and you’ll become irresistible to women in a way that makes gifts a thing of the past.

Smell Great

“A man who doesn’t wear perfume has no romantic future”. Coco Chanel may not have said this, but we all know this is true. Choose a ‘type’ that suits you best and make a signature for yourself. Wherever you go, leave a trail. A trail that we are sure, women would follow. But, make sure you use the “less is more” formula here.

Give Her Your Time
Make sure you make time to meet / chat up with her. Women crave being cared for. You know what to do here. 😉

Show Her Your Vulnerable Side

Tip: Women LOVE this.
This doesn’t have to be fake. Show her what you are really feeling…maybe she’ll help you…understand you better. And when she knows that man underneath you, she is bound to find you irresistible. Isn’t it?

Be Honest

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Honesty is THE trait of a good man. Tell her the truth – even if it means you don’t wanna see her anymore. Don’t play games or take a hideout. Do what you can to catch and keep her attention, but don’t play with her mind or her heart. Once you lose a woman’s trust, it’s near impossible to regain.

StyleRug Ke Dil SeWinning women is not very difficult. Treat them with love and care and you can’t go wrong. Just don’t treat them mean (or they’ll be after you ;)).’

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