10 Mindful Minutes: Mastering the Basics

BreathE Deeply

Take slow, deliberate breaths, feeling your belly rise and fall. Just a few minutes can work wonders.

body scan

Close your eyes and focus on different parts of your body. Notice any tension and gently release it.

Become a sound detective

Take a minute to truly listen to the sounds around you. What birds do you hear? Cars?

Mindful eating

Savor your food! Notice the colors, textures, and tastes. Eat slowly, putting your fork down between bites

Tech time-out

Schedule breaks from screens and social media. Give your mind a chance to truly rest.

The 5 senses game

Pick an object and explore it with all five senses. What does it look like? Smell like? Feel like?

Gratitude glow

Take a moment to appreciate something good in your life, big or small. Feel the warmth of appreciation.

Move with mindfulness

Pay attention to your body as you move. Feel your feet on the ground during a walk, or the stretch in your muscles during exercise.

Label your emotions

Acknowledge how you're feeling – happy, sad, frustrated. Don't judge, just observe.

Be kind to yourself

Mindfulness is a practice, not perfect. Be patient and kind to yourself as you learn.