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Royal Enfield Flying Flea – Plans To Resurrect The 125cc Legend?

Royal Enfield Flying Flea – Plans To Resurrect The 125cc Legend?

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Royal Enfield appears to be actively engaged in expanding its product lineup in the 450cc and 650cc segments, as well as making strides in the development of its electric vehicle offerings. Amid these endeavors, there is a tantalizing question: Could Royal Enfield be harboring plans for something entirely novel?

Perhaps a resurrection of the legendary “Flying Flea”?

In 2020, Eicher Motors secured the trademark name ‘Royal Enfield Flying Flea‘ in India, and this trademark remains valid until February 2030. Additionally, the name has been registered in Europe. This begs the intriguing question: Is there a possibility that Royal Enfield is contemplating the revival of the iconic Flying Flea motorcycle from the World War II era? It’s challenging to ascertain, as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) often register names without necessarily committing to production.

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A glimpse into history reveals that the Flying Flea was a petite 125cc motorcycle initially conceived for deployment in the latter stages of World War II, aimed at countering the Nazi forces. Interestingly, the bike’s inception was inspired by a German concept, but through a series of events, it evolved into a 125cc unit produced by Royal Enfield.

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Officially designated as WD/RE, the motorcycle became affectionately known as the Flying Flea due to its unique purpose – it was designed to be air-dropped by parachute, typically behind enemy lines. It was intended for use by troops in reconnaissance and communication tasks among widely dispersed airborne units. Communication was a vital function, given the absence of reliable radio communication during that era.

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The original Royal Enfield Flying Flea weighed a mere 56 kilograms, facilitating its transport across challenging terrains. Sporting a 1.5-gallon fuel tank, the bike could cover 150 miles (~241 kilometers) before needing a refuel. Its top speed ranged from 35 to 40 miles per hour (~56 to 64 km/h). Equipped with a low compression piston, the motorcycle could run even on low-quality fuel. Noteworthy features included folding foot pegs, a horizontally rotating handlebar, a tall seat, and a leak-proof fuel tank lid. The exhaust featured an expansion chamber to minimize noise.

Considering the context of the present day, a 125cc internal combustion engine (ICE) Royal Enfield motorcycle would have been a feasible experiment a decade or two ago. However, it seems less relevant for higher-capacity bikes given the significant shifts in the industry. The past few years have witnessed a substantial drive toward electrification, and ever-stringent emission regulations have led to escalating prices of ICE-powered two-wheelers.

In this evolving landscape, it appears improbable that Royal Enfield would embark on a 125cc petrol motorcycle experiment. A more plausible avenue could be the development of an entry-level electric bike, paying homage to the original World War II bike’s aesthetics. Royal Enfield is already diligently working on its electric vehicle portfolio. With its evocative name and rich historical legacy, an electric Flying Flea could well attract a substantial following.

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