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Sublime By Portonics

Sublime By Portonics

Sublime By Portonics Sublime By Portonics

There is something about music!

Yes, it does have that adrenaline to give your mood the perfect kick! Yes, it is what makes all the parties groove till late! Yes, it is what makes the young and the old ones become one! And yes, this, is what brings out all the energy that you had stored in the hidden senses of your being for so long.

But, is that it?

I don’t think so! I believe, yes – I believe, that music is much more than that. It has an unsaid emotion about it, which is hard to be heard, but easy to feel. And trust me, if you do not have a good set of speakers to listen to your favorite music- it sure is not a great feeling; especially, when you are on the go!

I travel a lot, so it is needless to say that it is imperative for me to carry a portable speaker that can accompany me and keep me entertained wherever I go. Although, I already have a couple of them with me, I recently decided to get my hands dirty with; Sublime, the latest launch by Portonics.Now, when I received this piece, I had already set my mind on evaluating on three basic criteria i.e. performance, battery backup and portability.

And here’s what I think!

Performance: My first attempt to listen to the music via Sublime was through an Aux cable and the moment the first beat came out, I was disappointed. The sound capacity was not satisfactory even when the volume was put at the max limit. However, the moment I swapped the connection to Bluetooth…. It all changed.
Sublime, via Aux, might not give you what you are expecting for a device of such size to deliver, but in the Bluetooth mode it sure is a kickass product.

Not only that, it offers a high bluetooth range of almost 10m, giving you the comfort to play your music as and from wherever you want it, which actually is a better option than dragging the phone around you all the time while playing music via an Aux cable. I tuned into the FM mode and the volume was top notch there too, thereby, suggesting that your best bet for this device are Bluetooth and FM mode for better sound quality.

Its multiple connectivity options include Bluetooth, Aux-in, Micro SD card, FM as well as a Mobile hands-free communication; a combination not available in any other speaker.

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Battery backup: Portonics says ”Sublime runs on a high power rechargeable battery of 2000 mAh and will give you a warm, distortion free and loud output anywhere, anytime” and they surely mentioned the truth nothing else! I made sure that I fully charged this beast and played it nonstop till the last drop of the battery life drained out of it. On an average, it gave me a backup of around 6-7 hours of nonstop music, which is good enough, considering that I never brought the volume level down from the maximum limit.

Portability: The only thing that you might not like about this device is few extra grams that it carries with itself. However, for the sheer sound quality and the design aesthetics, I would- as a music lover, ignore the weight factor and any given day would opt for this machine to be my boombox on the go!

Oh, and here is the link for all my music work that you can listen to: (and if you get a Sublime for it- nothing better than that!)

Words: Sandeep Verma

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