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Could a PS Vita 2 be in the Pipeline? Our Take on the Possibility

Could a PS Vita 2 be in the Pipeline? Our Take on the Possibility

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In the wake of the underwhelming performance of the original 2011 PlayStation Vita, the prospect of a redemption story with the release of a potential PS Vita 2 has intrigued fans. Enthusiasts of the Vita have long yearned for Sony to unveil a successor, though the realization of such aspirations may be more elusive than anticipated.

The 2023 PlayStation showcase reignited speculations of a new Sony console, sparking discussions about the potential resurgence of a revised PS Vita, even though the original device ceased production in 2019. However, developments did not unfold as anticipated.

Sony’s endeavor to address the gaps in its handheld market materialized with the introduction of the PlayStation Portal, a streaming accessory designed for the PS5. Despite generating significant demand post-launch, the Portal lacks native game compatibility.

This raises the question of whether it can sustain its popularity over time. The Portal seems unable to present a compelling alternative to the Nintendo Switch or the array of portable gaming PCs, such as the ASUS Rog Ally and the Steam Deck – a role that a potential PS Vita 2 could have filled.

Unfortunately, the market is saturated with alternatives, and the appeal of these substitutes remains uncertain. Thus, the possibility of a revamped PS Vita model remains a topic of debate.

Will Sony produce a successor to the PS Vita? The company has consistently distanced itself from the handheld console market, and the introduction of the PlayStation Portal has diminished hopes for a genuine PS Vita successor, at least for the foreseeable future.

The PS5 streaming-only device signifies Sony’s commitment to a Cloud-based gaming approach rather than the development of a dedicated handheld console. While the Portal is a pricey $200 accessory to a $500 console, it enhances the versatility of PS5 gaming, contributing a new dimension to a flagship console that has now reached its third year.

This move underscores Sony’s dedication to expanding its PS5 ecosystem, potentially with the aim of surpassing the PS2 as the best-selling game console of all time.

As handheld competition explores innovative hardware, a hypothetical PlayStation PS Vita 2 would need to adopt either a hardcore gaming system or a compromise between the Steam Deck and the Switch. While it’s not inconceivable for Sony to pursue these directions, the recent launch and potential success of the PS Portal suggest that such a venture may not materialize in the near future.

The question of why Sony abandoned the Vita in 2019 looms large. The device, which sold an estimated 10-15 million consoles, fell short in comparison to the impressive 154 million copies of the Nintendo DS sold throughout its lifetime.

The Vita’s high production costs, challenges in game development leading to a limited game library, and perceived missteps by Sony contributed to its discontinuation.

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The Vita failed to attain the critical acclaim achieved by the Nintendo DS family, prompting Sony to shift its focus to its home video console range, where it found much greater success than the Vita ever achieved.

In summary, the prospects of a PS Vita 2 appear dim, at least in the immediate future, as attention is diverted to the evolving success of the PlayStation Portal. The handheld console market continues to evolve, presenting Sony with a complex landscape and no clear niche for a potential PS Vita 2.

However, the allure of a new PlayStation handheld console, if introduced, could still captivate consumers.

Only time will reveal whether the Portal’s Cloud gaming capabilities miss the mark and reignite speculation about a new handheld device carrying the prestigious PlayStation brand.

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