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Apple Vision Pro Micro OLED Display and Battery Details

Apple Vision Pro Micro OLED Display and Battery Details

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iFixit released a second video as part of its teardown of the Apple Vision Pro, providing a closer look at the essential components within Apple’s inaugural Spatial Computer. Brace yourself for a spoiler – the Vision Pro announcement’s assertion of “more than a 4K TV for each eye” involved some shrewd marketing maneuvers by Apple.

Apple Vision Pro Resolution

Each micro OLED screen in the pair is approximated to deliver a resolution of 3,660 x 3,200 pixels per eye, falling just short of the 4K resolution standard of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Despite this technical distinction, the Vision Pro remains exceptionally sharp, boasting an impressive 3,380 pixels per inch (PPI) on each of its displays.

Apple Vision Pro Pixels

While the impressive pixel density is noteworthy, the pixel per degree (PPD) emerges as a more critical metric for VR headsets, representing the number of horizontal pixels per degree of the viewing angle. According to the iFixit team’s estimate, the Vision Pro achieves a notable 34 PPD, offering a more detailed viewing experience compared to the Meta Quest 3 with its 25 PPD.

Apple Vision Pro Battery

The spotlight also falls on Vision Pro’s battery pack, constructed from a single sheet of aluminum and proving exceptionally challenging to open – the iFixit team had to resort to a hammer and chisel. Upon disassembly, it revealed three iPhone-sized batteries, each boasting 15.36Wh of power, totaling 46.08Wh. Interestingly, this exceeds the officially listed 35.9Wh rating by Apple for the battery.

In a surprising departure from its customary approach to parts pairing, Apple chose not to implement it in the Vision Pro, suggesting that its components are interchangeable. Despite this, the Vision Pro remains a challenging device for repairs, earning a modest 4/10 repairability score from iFixit.

In other developments, Vision Pro has received its initial software update, introducing enhanced and more lifelike Personas avatars. Users can now download the Apple visionOS 1.1 Beta, but the update mandates a face rescan and the creation of new Persona avatars.

Apple Vision Pro FAQ

1. What is Apple Vision Pro? Apple Vision Pro is a cutting-edge Spatial Computer developed by Apple, offering an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience. It integrates advanced technologies to provide users with enhanced visual content and interactions.

2. What are the key features of Apple Vision Pro?

  • Micro OLED Screens: Vision Pro incorporates micro OLED screens, each with an estimated resolution of 3,660 x 3,200 pixels per eye.
  • Pixel Density: Boasting an impressive 3,380 pixels per inch (PPI) on each display, Vision Pro provides a sharp and detailed viewing experience.
  • Interchangeable Components: Unlike previous Apple devices, Vision Pro’s components appear to be interchangeable, deviating from the typical parts-pairing practice.

3. How repairable is the Apple Vision Pro? Despite the interchangeable components, the Apple Vision Pro remains a challenging device for repairs, receiving a 4/10 repairability score from iFixit.

4. Is there any recent software update for Apple Vision Pro? Yes, Apple Vision Pro has received its first software update, labeled as Apple visionOS 1.1 Beta. This update brings improvements to Personas avatars, making them more realistic. Users need to download the update and go through a face rescan to create new Persona avatars.

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5. What is the resolution of Apple Vision Pro, and how does it compare to 4K? The micro OLED screens in Apple Vision Pro offer an estimated resolution of 3,660 x 3,200 pixels per eye. While this doesn’t meet the 4K resolution standard of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, the device still provides a sharp and detailed visual experience.

6. Can I use Apple Vision Pro for virtual reality (VR) applications? While Apple Vision Pro is primarily designed for augmented reality (AR), its advanced features may make it suitable for certain VR applications. However, its focus is on blending virtual content with the real world.

7. How is the battery of Apple Vision Pro designed? The Vision Pro’s battery pack is constructed from a single sheet of aluminum, making it challenging to open. It contains three iPhone-sized batteries, totaling 46.08Wh, surpassing the official 35.9Wh rating provided by Apple.

8. Is Apple Vision Pro compatible with existing Apple devices? Apple Vision Pro is designed as a standalone device and is likely to have its ecosystem of applications and services. While it may have integration with other Apple devices, it is primarily a unique and independent product.

9. Can I customize the Personas avatars on Apple Vision Pro? Yes, with the latest software update (visionOS 1.1 Beta), Apple Vision Pro allows users to create and customize more realistic Personas avatars. This enhances the personalization and engagement aspects of the AR experience.

10. How do I get support or assistance for Apple Vision Pro? For technical support, troubleshooting, or additional information about Apple Vision Pro, you can visit Apple’s official support website or contact Apple customer service.

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