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5 Signs, She Is Not Into You

5 Signs, She Is Not Into You

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Navigating the complexities of relationships can be challenging, especially when it comes to deciphering someone’s feelings towards you.

It’s important to understand that not everyone will reciprocate our romantic interest, and recognizing the signs when someone is not into you can save you time, effort, and emotional distress.

Women are a riddle! No two women are ever similar! And that in itself is the biggest reason why no two ladies would ever respond in exactly the same manner, even under the same circumstances.

All things considered, there are just no set patterns for ladies and their behaviour. However, notwithstanding there being no set pattern for the conduct of the female species, it’s still conceivable to derive what’s happening in their heads every once in a while.

In this article, we will explore some key indicators that can help you determine if a woman is not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you.

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No eye contact

We aren’t talking about the look away while blushing. We are talking about a girl getting uncomfortable and twitching her eyes every time you bring up the ‘us’ topic. Most women are sensitive with their eyes and they believe that eyes are one expression you cannot fake-up. Thus, they refuse to look at you in your eyes because of the fear of being caught if they are no more into you.

5 Reasons That Say, She Is Not Into You, Relationship Advice, 5 Signs, She Is Not Into You, Dating Tips, Dating Advice For Men

Women mostly find the word ‘no’ very difficult to say, as they fear to hurt a man’s feelings. Instead, they begin to give you excuses and divert the real base of the topic. They would say things like I forgot to call, but let’s face it, if she wanted to call you, nothing could make it skip her mind. When this starts happening, it’s advisable for you to be ready to hear the words ‘not into you no more.’

Talking about other men

5 Reasons That Say, She Is Not Into You, Relationship Advice, 5 Signs, She Is Not Into You, Dating Tips, Dating Advice For Men
She just does not want to clearly tell you that she is not interested, therefore, keeps talking about other men to create an aura, which shows she is into someone else. If she did like you, she would never risk taking another guys name and piss you off.

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I love you, as a friend

She might giggle while saying this to be careful, but she definitely means it. A girl who likes you may call you her friend and say I love you separately, but she would never use the two of them together in the same sentence. She just wants to save you the trouble and wants you to know she is close to you, but only as a friend.

She describes her ‘type’ and it’s not you

It is an awfully uncomfortable moment when you have to tell someone they are not your type. If the question asked by you to her is ‘what kind of guy you like’ and the answer let’s you know that you do not fit the bill then it’s time for you to realize, that you are not going to make the cut. But be ready to be cut, as she doesn’t want you to change; she just wants a change from you. Just take the hint and let it go.

Has your girl been giving you any of these hints recently, if yes, then do share the story of your breakup with (just kidding). But yes, it is time for you to find the next one and move on.

– Meher Sethi

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