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The Future of Workforce Trends 2022

The Future of Workforce Trends 2022

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When all is said and done the success of one company depends on the quality of its workforce. Granted, the new technologies come and go and the labor market changes with each of these shifts.

But, all this time, it is human workers that use the available tools and keep your company going. However, make sure that you use tools such as ThePayStubs, which can do much of your work online and make your life easy.

This enduring relevance puts huge pressure on any company wanting to succeed in the crowded business world of today to handle the issue of workforce hiring and management as carefully as possible.

This is by no means an easy task, but, much like in the case of any other business activity, keeping an eye on the enveloping trends should give the direction where we should aim our efforts.

So let us take some of the most relevant workforce trends of 2022.

Greater focus on mental health

The outbreak of COVID-19 made a huge impact on the entire. If we put aside the obvious health risks that were associated with the pandemic, one of the most frequently cited COVID-19 problems was the crushing sense of loneliness and isolation caused by lockdowns and moving to remote positions.

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Now, when the pandemic is slowing down the topics regarding the mental health of the current workforce, especially the workers in remote positions, remain as relevant as ever. With things as they are, the companies are expected to take note and invest more resources into mental wellness programs.

Strive for fairness and equity

It is not that big of a secret that the United States is going through one of the most serious workforce shortages in recent history. That caused companies to allocate a greater number of resources into hiring and training new employees effectively making these new workers out-earn the old and established workforce.

That caused a great number of voices pledging for more fairness and greater equity. Some of the solutions for meeting these demands come in the form of offering new workers higher bonuses instead of base salaries and providing existing staff with spot bonuses or employer stock.

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Rise of a global remote workforce

Another way for solving the problem of a lacking workforce can also be found in tapping into the workforce pools outside borders. Of course, such arrangements come packed with certain challenges like, for instance, hiring and managing the workers under the foreign employment laws.

But, such problems can be solved by hiring a third party to tackle global employer of record services.

Once these things are off the table the companies can get unlimited access to the global talent pool. With such benefits on the table, we can expect to see more companies ditching the idea of a remote workforce in favor of a global workforce.

But, such problems can be solved by hiring a third party to tackle global employer of record services.

Once these things are off the table the companies or institutions can get unlimited access to the global talent pool. Getting a talented workforce has never been simpler, with online courses like teachers aide Brisbane that allow people to train from the comfort of their homes and ensure they provide a safe and stimulating teaching environment. With such benefits on the table, we can expect to see more companies ditching the idea of a remote workforce in favor of a global workforce.

Competition for better work-life balance

Juggling the various obligations of the modern lifestyle takes a lot of time and effort. It shouldn’t be a wonder then opportunities for achieving better work-life balance have become one of the main hiring hooks and it will remain so in many years to come.

In the previous years, we could observe more and more companies allowing their workers perks like flexible work hours and an option to work from home partially or even full-time.

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As this trend continues, the next logical step in competing for the attention of the skilled workers should come in the form of a 32-hour week with the same 40-hour compensation.

Automation of managerial tasks

Automation is becoming an increasingly important part of all business processes and managerial duties are no exception. What’s important to notice is that leaving a large portion of these tasks to AI won’t cut down the managers in play but rather move them to monitor duties and give them more time to build more human relationships with their subordinates and build mutual connections on a more personal level.

This could prove to be a great advantage since a higher level of workplace flexibility and the hybrid work positions are no longer proving to be effective means for keeping the workers engaged.

Wellness becoming a new relevant metric

Last but not least, we would like to remind that, keeping in mind the complexities of the modern world, old metrics we used to understand our employees like, for instance, engagement, satisfaction, and so on, are no longer sufficient to describe their current wellbeing.

Due to that, as time goes by we will see a growing number of companies trying to assess their workers through a new metric that will describe their financial, physical and mental wellbeing.

Without taking into account the aspects of life as critical as the ones we have described above, the companies will never be able to retain prospective workers.

We hope these few examples will give you a general idea about the ongoing trends in the labor market and help you find the ways you can leverage them to your advantage.

When speaking about the business world we often tend to give too much attention to tech innovation and new business models without realizing that the living, breathing people are the engine that keeps this machine going.

If you want to reach market success, you should always try to use this fact to your advantage for as much as possible.

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