Hardheads Motostudio's Royal Enfield Transformations 

Vintage Heart, Modern Muscle 

Hardheads Motostudio, a Mexico City based custom shop, has given the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 a breathtaking makeover, paying homage to the original café racer spirit. 

Bespoke Beauty 

These aren't your average Continental GTs. Dubbed "HH5" and "HH6," these twins sport hand-crafted fairings that would make any classic bike enthusiast swoon. 

Beyond Skin Deep 

It's not just about looks. These bikes pack upgraded controls, slick bar-end mirrors, custom brake levers, and a touch of modern aggression with a burly S&S Cycle exhaust system. 

Subtle Distinctions 

Individuality shines through in the details. Each bike gets its own spin on the Royal Enfield logo and fairing numbers, adding a layer of personalization. 

Elegance Elevated

The Continental GT was always good-looking, but Hardheads has taken it to the next level. Their vision amplifies the bike's inherent cool factor. 

Mexican Ingenuity 

Hardheads Motostudio showcases Mexico's burgeoning custom motorcycle scene, proving that world-class craftsmanship isn't confined by borders. 

The Desire for More 

One thought lingers – we wouldn't be mad if Hardheads decided to build more of these beauties. 

Inspiration Strikes 

Whether you're a seasoned rider or just admire beautiful machines, these Continental GTs ignite the imagination and reignite the love for custom builds.