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How to add colour to your office clothes

How to add colour to your office clothes

There is one thing common between most of us when it comes to talking about office(s); none of us like being there much!

However, there is also no denying that we can’t help, but be there; every day of the week!

What baffles us though is the fact that most of us pay so little attention to our dressing sense, when it comes to getting ready for a daily grind in the office. Be it lack of creativity, courage or deep pockets, we all have our reasons.

Having said that, if you don’t want to splurge, don’t fret, as we are here to tell you how to mix-match and look your best when stepping in that door of the place called – OFFICE!

Say goodbye to grey
Bid adieu to dull boring colours like grey that are capable of adding few extra years to your age, if not worn properly. So the best advice is to let them be! If you want to wear a dark coloured outfit for a board meeting, spice it up with a coloured tailored cotton jacket.

Cotton Jacket

Cotton Jacket1

If you are not into jackets, then simply accessorise well and opt for bright coloured loafers or moccasins to break the monotony.

Go bold with suits
Offices are as dull as you make them to be! Believe it when we say, it’s high time to break that monotony. Think about unusual, but radiant colours like red/pink or even orange and team them with dark pants with a dark coloured tie/pocket square-preferably of the same colour family.

COlor Suit

COlor Suit2

COlor SUits4

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That will catch your co-workers off guard, after all, it would be you in the whole office who can easily win the title of being the most dapper man! You can even try suits in various other colours depending on your taste and comfort zone.

Think about hues
We don’t remember reading anywhere (officially), that white or blue were the official colours for office wear. For, what we understand, this trend was started by men who did not want to try something new and be experimental when it came to dressing-up for the office.


A bright coloured tie on a relaxed and subtle hued suit will pack a punch without screaming for attention. It’ll also differentiate you from the army of predictable men who pair their dark shirts with equally dark coloured ties.

Pick best of the accessories
There is no better feeling in a boardroom meeting, when you rest your hands on the table and a refined and sophisticated watch makes a statement and do all the talking. Pick a watch that has a nice fit and finish to it with a shade of vibrant colours that will give your overall personality a very energetic and positive outlook.

Spend a little extra time in upgrading your backpack/laptop bag to a much more elegant briefcase.
A backpack looks you’re a man carrying gym shoes, oh and are ready for another boy’s night out- and we don’t want to look like a boy forever, do we? A briefcase sends out the message that you’re professional and are ready to conquer the world in your own way.

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