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Top 5 Sexiest Female Boxers

Top 5 Sexiest Female Boxers

Lauryn Eagle Top 5 Sexiest Female Boxers

Did you know that the first-ever female boxing match took place in 1876?

However, women were prohibited from boxing by most major organizations and licensing bureaus until the late 1980s and it was not until Sweden lifted its ban on women in amateur boxing in 1988,- the first country to do so, that other major players of the sports, such as the USA and other followed suit and female boxers gained global respect.

While there is no doubt that in the relatively short history of women’s boxing, the sport has already produced a few who are already being talked about the would-be fighting legends, this article is all about the ones who are not only amazing boxers but have an oomph of sizzling babes when out of the ring.

Kina Malpartida Top 5 Sexiest Female Boxers

Born in Lima, Peru in 1980, Kina Malpartida’s mother worked as a supermodel with a record number of magazine covers in some of the leading fashion magazines of the world and that is where her looks come from.

Towering at 5’8 inches, she is the current World Boxing Association Champion in the Super Featherweight class. She has been involved in 17 fights till date and have won 14 of them- 4 of which have been by KO (knockout).

Need we say- dare with care?

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Zulina Munoz Top 5 Sexiest Female Boxers
Méxican bantamweight Zulina Muñoz was born in San Vicente Chicoloapan, México. She still boxes out of México City. and her love for boxing started at the age of 16 when her father Fernando took her to the gym where he used to coach his son. With an astonishing record of 36-1-2 (Win, loss, draw), this WBC female super flyweight title holder obviously picked things up well under her father’s guidance. Oh and by the way, her nickname is- La Loba, which means- fierce angel!

Jennifer Salinas Top 5 Sexiest Female Boxers
Before we start talking about this bombshell from Bolivia- also known as The Bolivian Queen, we must tell you an interesting fact. And that is- that she has three kids of her own! Hard to figure out isn’t it?

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Anyway, Jennifer began boxing at age 19, while working as a waitress at a Mexican restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. that was next to a boxing gym. When she first went to the gym and expressed her interest in learning boxing- inspired by a woman who was training there and had told her that she was the state champion Golden Gloves for three consecutive years, her first coach; popularly known as Mr.Love had a gutted laugh as he thought that she was too feminine to get into the ring.

However, after months of training and sweating hard practicing, she proved all wrong and won the Golden Gloves championship and has not looked back ever since.

Cecilia Comunales Top 5 Sexiest Female Boxers
She is 5’9″, born and brought up in Uruguay, is 24 years old, and has a win-loss record of 11-1 to date! Add to that the killer charm that she possesses and you have a package that every man wants in her woman to be. She has been listed in the top 25 sexiest sports women list by the bleachers report a couple of seasons back and has donned the cover pages of a lot of sports and fashion magazines.

Lauryn Eagle Top 5 Sexiest Female Boxers
Boxer, model, and water skiing champ, Lauryn Eagle from Australia do it all. She won Miss Teen International in 2004 and even competed in the Australian version of the celebrity apprentice. She hit the limelight out of the ring even more when she shed her feathers and went nude from the top for one of the leading men’s magazines of the world last month.

Just to let you know, out of her 6 wins from the ten fights that she has been into in the ring, three have been won by KOs, so it is not just all about beauty, the babe has got some mean muscles to pack you down too.

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