Gerard Butler, Robert Pires, Ryan Gosling, Hugh Jackman — all these men have one thing in common — they are masters of carrying that rugged look with panache.

But, how do you get that tough Gerard Butler look at home without sacrificing your sense of style? Before we delve further, let’s do a little backlog. So, how does this look fit your personality type, you ask? Well, the guy with that rugged look is an alpha male who’s physically masculine.

He is a no-nonsense bloke who knows how to get things done. Open his wardrobe and you find versatility reigning supreme.

A rugged gentleman manages to strike a sophisticated balance. If you identity with the aforementioned criteria, then this look fits your personality bill.

Today, we take inspiration from such men by throwing in a few elements of modern elegance and arrive at the ultimate style hybrid: the rugged gentleman.


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Define the Unrefined
The most common mistake most men make is that they often confuse the rugged look with the ‘wild look’. But, staying raw doesn’t mean staying wild. Don’t let your sexy stubble look like an unkempt beard; use electric razors to get that sexy stubble. On the other hand, if you possess wispy facial hair then settle on a clean-shaven look—the rugged look is just not for you.

Classic Dressing For A Classic Look
To master that rugged gentleman style, look for purpose-built garments. The look requires more traditional fittings, so bid farewell to your tailored shirts and skinny jeans. Start with the customary work wear like flannel shirts, leather boots, wool coats, tweed trousers.

These will confer you with instant bulk and definition. Replace light colours with strong hues. Opt for clothes with a more vintage vibe.


Say Hello To Denims
Apart from tweed trousers, denims are the go-to bottom wear for a rugged gentleman. If you have a ripped physique, you can opt for a ‘boot cut’ style. A brand like Louis Philippe Jeans known for its tough materials is advisable. Always avoid trendy washes and fades, after all nothing says ‘tough’ quite like the hard weave of denim.

Mantastic Fragrances
A rugged gentleman takes his cues from hard-as-nails men like warriors, adventurers, blue collar workers, mountaineers and adapts them to 21st century life. Can you imagine these men wearing something that smells fruity?

No, right?

You should smell the way you look. Right from colognes to deodorants, get muskier and arid tones. For a classic look, you can choose a traditional smell. Opt for fragrances that bring to mind the ‘primal man,’— something like Old Spice would be a great option.

So, get ready to flaunt those attractively strong, rough-hewn features of yours.

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