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Ankur And Priyanka Modi

Ankur And Priyanka Modi

ankur Ankur And Priyanka Modi

A young and dynamic designer couple, who run their label am:pm and have propelled it into a serious force in the Indian fashion industry. They believe that they were meant to be together and treat every day of their life as valentine day.

SR- Talk us through the commencement of your label – am:pm.
AM- We met through my cousin who happens to be one of Priyanka’s best friend. I was at that time working with my mother; Anju Modi and Priyanka was working with a fashion house. When we got married, both of us thought it would be exciting to also work together and have a label of our own.

SR- You two seem to be the perfect couple. Professionally successful, have an aura for shutter-bugs and obvious love for everyone to see. What do you think is the USP of your relationship?
PM- I feel very comfortable working with Ankur. Our mutual trust and understanding as a couple transcends into our working and non working spheres. I believe, knowing the fact that we were meant to be together plays a very important role in our life.

SR- What has been the most romantic and memorable moment of your relation? Do you remember your first date?
AM- I think it was during our honeymoon. We were in New Zealand and Priyanka forced me to go bungee-jumping with her. It was surreal when we both jumped off the ledge together from the highest point in all of New Zealand! Has to be THE most memorable moment of our relationship!

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SR- Have you planned anything special for the coming Valentine’s Day?
PM- Nothing as of yet! We do sometimes get caught up in all the cute craziness that surrounds Valentine’s, but it’s no pressure that we HAVE to celebrate it. But a lovely dinner with some bubbly at an al fresco joint always works well.

SR- Priyanka, if you were to describe Ankur in one word, what would that be?
PM- Sorted!

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