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8 Must-Haves in Men’s Winter Closet

8 Must-Haves in Men’s Winter Closet

Winter Fabric 1 8 Must-Haves in Men’s Winter Closet

While women go all gaga over layering and knitwear, it makes on wonder, why should men be left behind. After all, dressing sharp defines your personality.

To help you put your best foot forward this winter, we have Shashank Kaushik, Men’s Fashion Architect at Roposo, with a list of 8 must-haves in men’s winter closet to complete that winter wear tips for men:

Bomber Jackets

bomber 8 Must-Haves in Men’s Winter Closet

Maybe it’s the masculine military vibes or their layering potential, but bomber jackets are that rare breed – the on-trend buy that won’t date. When it comes to winter wear tips for men, bombers are pretty versatile and you can choose from a variety of fabrics (nylon, leather, suede, fleece). Dress them up by pairing with a shirt and a tie, or dress them down by layering with a simple hoodie or tee.

Trend Alert: Patchwork, camouflage

Smart Joggers and Cuffed Trousers

cuffed trouser 8 Must-Haves in Men’s Winter Closet

Since the last winter, this lazy outerwear has enjoyed a makeover, replacing tailored trousers and jeans and as the smart-casual staple for fashion-aware men. They are comfortable and cozy, with no inconvenient zips, belts, or buttons. The need is even more eminent for shoe lovers, as regular pants tend to cover up their treasured footwear.

Team them up with a bomber and sneakers for your weekends, with a formal piece of clothing like a blazer or longline shirt for your workdays, and with a chunky cardigan or a loose sweater for a date.

Trend Alert: Well-fitted tailored joggers


shackets 8 Must-Haves in Men’s Winter Closet

Next for the winter wear tips for men are shackets. A shacket is a cross between a shirt and a jacket – making it ideal for the autumn season and even winters in the case of cities like Mumbai & Bengaluru, which are deprived of the joys of true winter. It’s slightly more extensive than a shirt with work-wear style aesthetics, heavier fabrics (in most cases), and a loose fit for layering. You can layer one over a textural knit and team it up with some distressed denim, wear a checked shacket over a printed white tee, or go for multiple layering with a leather jacket and boots.

Trend Alert: Camouflage, olive & quilted shackets

Longline tees & shirts

longline tee 8 Must-Haves in Men’s Winter Closet

From simple tees to shirts and jackets, everything is being stretched and is available in all preferences. The trick is to blend longline garments with classic pieces – whether it’s a solid-colored tee beneath your flannel shirt or a patterned longline tee underneath a sweatshirt.

For the best effect, pair your longlines with slim-fit trousers or denim, and make sure the sleeves don’t exceed your wrists and the overall shape is fitted. Also, longlines have their limitations and you shouldn’t try to incorporate them in your formal or smart-casual ensembles.

Trend Alert: A side zip on your longline shirt and printed hem panels in a longline tee.

Flannel Shirts

flanner shirt 8 Must-Haves in Men’s Winter Closet

Forget about the lumberjack stereotype, I can’t see the flannel shirt going anywhere for a long time. They suit practically every body shape and are a great layering piece.

You can don the classic flannel and denim look, pair it with loafers for a smarter look, or throw over a jacket or muffler for warmer temperatures.

Winter Fabrics
No matter what your style statement is, winter fashion is incomplete without winter fabrics that make you look elegant and keep you warm. Be willing to experiment – whether it’s tweed blazers, corduroy pants, fleece sweatshirts, woolen ties, or felt jackets.

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Trend Alert: Wide-leg wool/felt trousers

Winter Boots

winter boots 8 Must-Haves in Men’s Winter Closet

Time to march on stylishly with winter must-haves – boots of all kinds, the motorcycling, canvas, and the hiking ones. Boots are the best choice for warm, sturdy footwear, and they go with a lot of looks. If you are an animal lover, you can buy the best vegan boots online. Stride Wise listed the 13 Best Vegan Boots For Men In 2022.

It’s safe to stick to brown and navy hues to maintain versatility. Try the heritage look with denim and brogue boots, or throw in a long-line hoodie with a polo t-shirt, denim, and boots to mix street vibes with winter layering.

Trend Alert: Cropped, tapered, or rolled-up bottoms that finish above the ankle to highlight your boots.


mufflers 8 Must-Haves in Men’s Winter Closet

Mufflers are one of the most intriguing trends, a rectangular piece of fabric that can be used to provide depth to any winter outfit.

With a variety of fabrics like wool, jersey, fleece, or cotton and a range of tying methods like simple drape, fake knot, once around, twice around, or a Parisian knot, each catering to different styles, the possibilities are endless.

Trend Alert: Large chunky scarves and snoods

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