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Revisiting Gillette FlexBall

Revisiting Gillette FlexBall

Gillette Revisiting Gillette FlexBall

No matter what people say that life as a girl on this earth is a difficult one to go through by, I personally think that it’s actually men who have got a raw deal on this planet.

Imagine, the variations that girls have at their disposal when it comes to fashion, more movies are named after them, they get free entry and booze in almost all the clubs… man… it would be hard to stop once we get started on this.

Keeping that in mind, it makes me a hell lot happier whenever there is a new revolutionary product that comes out for us; the poor men! Size matters yes (;)), but not here… no matter how big or small it might be… a new product that can change the lifestyle of men for the better is always a good thing to embrace.

We did an extensive review of Gillette FlexBall – READ HERE, couple of weeks back and such as been the experience of using this innovative product, that we have been forced to write one more post for the same. But, let me admit to you straight away that I am not one of those who like shaving on their own; I prefer Salons any day, instead of this self-torturous activity. However, ever since Gillette FlexBall arrived at my kitty, this painstaking activity has turned out to be a smooth process.

There’s a simple reason for it! For more than 100 years men have shaved in straight lines, which is completely contrary to the facial structures that people have and that varies from one person to another. For example, some faces are curved, some are angular, some have sharp definitions and some are chubby; making shaving a not-so-easy process, if not difficult.

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With FlexBall’s innovation, Gillette has solved this problem completely. This new mean machine has got a 4-way flex for maximum contact over contours and more ergonomic grips for better control that makes shaving an easier process for novices like me, who have just started to help themselves 😉 (Pun intended)!

Brains at Gillette have made sure that this razor is engineered with low-cutting force blades that have thinner, and finer edges, accompanied with low-resistant coating for effortless cutting through hair. Less tug, less pull equals a happy face!

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