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150 Units Only: The Jaguar F-Type ZP Farewell

150 Units Only: The Jaguar F-Type ZP Farewell

Jaguar F-Type ZP

Jaguar, known for producing iconic sports vehicles for the past 75 years, has unveiled the F-Type ZP Edition, marking the end of an era for their gas-powered sports cars.

This limited-edition model will only be available in 150 units worldwide. As Jaguar gears up to transition into an all-electric luxury manufacturer by 2025, the F-Type’s production will come to a close next year. Let’s delve deeper into this remarkable farewell edition and explore its unique features and design.

Project ZP: A Historic Racing Legacy

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The name “ZP” in the F-Type ZP Edition pays homage to Project ZP, a renowned racing program initiated shortly after the legendary Jaguar E-Type made its debut at the 1961 Geneva Auto Show. The racing project comprised seven modified vehicles, two of which took the racing world by storm during its inaugural year.

Graham Hill commanded an Indigo Blue racer, while Roy Salvadori piloted the Pearl Gray variant, both emerging as winners. This historic legacy and racing heritage are now commemorated in the F-Type ZP Edition.

Striking Visual Design

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Setting itself apart from the standard F-Type, the ZP Edition boasts distinctive visual elements that capture attention. It is available in two captivating paint colors: Oulton Blue and Crystal Grey. The Oulton Blue model features a crimson and ebony two-tone leather interior, while the Crystal Grey variant offers a navy blue and ebony leather interior.

Adding to its unmistakable character are the Porcelain White Gloss hand-painted racing-style roundels on the doors and white grille surrounds. Gloss black exterior details, brake calipers, and 20-inch forged alloy wheels round off the exquisite design. Each car bears the exclusive ‘ZP Edition’ branding behind the front wheels and a unique ‘one of 150’ plaque.

Coupe or Convertible: A Personalized Choice

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The F-Type ZP Edition gives enthusiasts the freedom to choose between a coupe or a convertible body style. Regardless of the preference, both options come equipped with the 575PS version of the F-Type’s supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 engine. Making it even more special, the vehicle incorporates bespoke touches provided by SV Bespoke, Jaguar Land Rover’s renowned customizing division.

These personalized features enhance the overall allure of the ZP Edition and make it a truly unique offering for discerning customers.

Powerful Performance

150 Units Only: The Jaguar F-Type ZP Farewell

Underneath its striking exterior, the F-Type ZP Edition packs a punch in terms of performance. Like other 2024 F-Types, it comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

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Exclusivity and Availability

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While Jaguar has already released the F-Type 75 special edition to mark the end of their gas-powered sports vehicles, the new ZP Edition takes exclusivity to another level, with only 150 replicas to be produced globally.

The rarity of these vehicles raises the question of whether any of them will be allocated for the Indian market. As the details unfold, only a select few lucky enthusiasts will have the opportunity to own this extraordinary farewell edition and become a part of Jaguar’s distinguished legacy.


Jaguar’s F-Type ZP Edition serves as a swan song to their gas-powered sports vehicles. Limited to a mere 150 units worldwide, this exclusive offering commemorates the brand’s racing heritage and represents the culmination of 75 years of sports car excellence. With its striking design, personalized touches, and exhilarating performance, the F-Type ZP Edition stands as a testament to Jaguar’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. As we bid farewell to this legendary model, we eagerly anticipate the bold new electric future that awaits Jaguar.

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