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How Can Astrology Predict The Future: 7 Types of Astrology

How Can Astrology Predict The Future: 7 Types of Astrology

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Curiosity about the future is a universal trait, prompting individuals worldwide to explore various divination methods. These techniques, embraced not only in India but across the globe, each possess distinct procedures and characteristics. Let’s delve into some of these intriguing methods.

How Can Astrology Predict The Future: Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology stands as a prominent system within Indian Astrology, deeply embedded in the Vedas and revered as the Eyes of the Vedas. This method relies on the interpretation of birth charts to unveil glimpses of the future.

Crucial to this predictive process are details such as the time, place, and date of birth. Vedic astrology, drawing from these specifics, can unveil aspects of the past, present, and future. Its influence extends to the realms of karma and destiny, with yogas playing a pivotal role in the kundali. The dasha and antardasha of planets also contribute significantly to the predictions.

Despite the formation of favorable yogas and the strength of planets in a kundali, a person may not necessarily experience auspicious results if a planet is weak in the varg kundali. This underscores the paramount importance of varg kundalis in Vedic astrology.

Varg kundalis also hold significant weight in the birth horoscope. For instance, a planet may be robust in the birth horoscope but weak in the varg kundali, leading to a situation where favorable outcomes are elusive. In the analysis of varg kundalis, attention is directed toward the ascendant, its lord, the related house, and its lord.

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How Can Astrology Predict The Future: Example:

In the context of predicting aspects related to children, the saptansh kundli assumes importance. Therefore, a thorough analysis involves scrutinizing the ascendant, its lord, the fifth house, and the lord of the fifth house. Only by assessing the situation of the fifth house lord in the seventh house lord in the birth horoscope can conclusive insights be derived.

In essence, Vedic Astrology, with its intricate system of varg kundalis and yogas, weaves a comprehensive tapestry that seeks to unravel the mysteries of an individual’s past, present, and future. Through a meticulous examination of celestial configurations, practitioners of Vedic Astrology offer a unique lens through which individuals can gain insights into the unfolding chapters of their lives.

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How Can Astrology Predict The Future #1: Jaimini Astrology: A Unique Approach to Celestial Predictions

Jaimini Astrology, emerging from the same period as Maharishi Parashara, shares a historical backdrop with Vedic Astrology. Despite their similarities in principles, Jaimini Astrology stands as a distinct and popular system, particularly prevalent in South India.

Astrologers proficient in Jaimini techniques have demonstrated success in predicting fortunes, mirroring the achievements of their Parashari counterparts. What sets Jaimini Astrology apart is its unique set of rules and principles, deviating from the traditional emphasis on planetary positions.

In this intriguing system, the focus shifts from planetary positions to the “dashayein” of rashis (signs). Jaimini Astrology considers the scenario of all twelve zodiac signs, assigning significance to only seven planets. A remarkable aspect of Jaimini Astrology lies in its ability to make accurate predictions even when the precise time of birth is unknown. Numerous dashayein have been meticulously detailed in this comprehensive study.

One of the standout features in Jaimini Astrology is the Jaimini Char Dasha, which holds greater prevalence compared to other dashas. Despite variations in calculations for each dasha, they all share a commonality—they are based on zodiac signs. The dashayein in Jaimini Astrology progress through all twelve signs in a sequential manner.

During birth, the sign present in the ascendant dictates the corresponding mahadasha. The determination of the dasha year follows a unique method. Jaimini Astrology offers several dashas, including Jaimini Char Dasha, Manduk Dasha, Jaimini Sthir Dasha, Navansh Dasha, among others, although the primary focus often revolves around these key dashayein.

The distinctive quality of Jaimini Astrology lies in its adaptability, providing insights and predictions even under circumstances where the exact birth time is unknown. As practitioners delve into the intricacies of Jaimini Astrology, they unlock a world where the dynamics of zodiac signs take center stage, revealing a fresh perspective on the celestial influences shaping human destinies.

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How Can Astrology Predict The Future #2: Horary Astrology: Unveiling Answers Through Question-Based Astrology

Horary Astrology presents a unique astrological approach centered around questions. This method becomes invaluable for individuals unaware of their birthplace, time, or date, providing a means to unravel the mysteries of what the future holds. In Horary Astrology, the ascendant is determined by the astrologer based on the planetary positions at the time the native poses the question. Unlike Vedic Astrology, Horary Astrology sidesteps rigid mathematical methodologies, omitting calculations such as Vimshottari Dasha, Anterdasha, and Pratyantara Dasha.

How Can Astrology Predict The Future #3: Palmistry: Decoding the Future Through Hand Analysis

Palmistry, an ancient branch of astrology, delves into predicting the future through the examination of lines, mounts, signs, and physical attributes in the hand. It considers the shapes of hands, legs, and nails as crucial indicators.

This method serves as a boon for individuals lacking information about their birth date or time, allowing them to gain insights into their future. Palmists view their predictions as a reflection of destiny, and the practice is not confined to a specific culture, region, or religion. Known as ‘cheiromancy,’ palmistry has diverse cultural expressions worldwide, with various versions for analyzing palm lines and hand characteristics. Practitioners of this art are often referred to as hand analysts.

Believed to have originated in India, palmistry finds mention in the works of Maharishi Valmiki, a revered saint. His teachings spread from India to China, Tibet, Egypt, and France. Renowned figures such as Hippocrates and Kero have been associated with palmistry, with Kero earning the title of the father of palmistry due to his prolific writings on the subject. The global influence of palmistry highlights its enduring presence as a timeless and cross-cultural means of peering into the intricacies of an individual’s character and destiny.

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How Can Astrology Predict The Future #4: Lal-Kitab Astrology: A Distinctive Approach to Future Prediction

Lal Kitab stands out as a unique method of predicting the future, known for its simplicity and exoticism in the realm of astrology. This method, gaining popularity especially in Punjab and across the country, deviates from traditional astrology by eschewing signs in favor of assigning numbers to each house.

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Lal Kitab places significant emphasis on houses and remedies, offering insights based on the planetary positions within a specific house. Unlike Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab provides remedies to enhance the auspiciousness of planets and alleviate their inauspicious effects. While considered separate from Vedic Astrology, some contemporary astrologers mistakenly analyze birth horoscopes using Vedic principles and prescribe Lal Kitab remedies. Lal Kitab has its own set of rules for kundali analysis, and practitioners should align their study and remedies with this distinct methodology.

How Can Astrology Predict The Future #5: Numerology: Unveiling Destiny Through Numbers

Numerology is experiencing a surge in popularity globally, particularly in Western countries. This method hinges on the significance of name numbers, root numbers, and destiny numbers, all ranging from 1 to 9. The interplay between these three crucial numbers determines the auspiciousness for an individual.

Compatibility is key in Numerology, and if the name numbers, root numbers, and destiny numbers do not align, it is considered inauspicious for the native. Remedies in Numerology involve adjusting the native’s name to create harmony among these three numbers. Root and destiny numbers are determined based on the birth date, while name numbers are derived from the English alphabet.

In the dynamic field of astrology, both Lal-Kitab Astrology and Numerology offer distinctive perspectives, providing individuals with alternative avenues to explore their destinies and seek remedies for a more harmonious life.

How Can Astrology Predict The Future #6: Tarot Cards: Unraveling the Future Through Symbolic Cards

In contemporary times, the art of predicting the future using tarot cards has gained immense popularity. Comprising a deck of 78 cards, with the prime cards numbered from 1 to 21 and the remaining 56 considered normal, this method involves shuffling the cards before the seeker selects one. The astrologer then interprets the chosen card to reveal insights and predictions.

How Can Astrology Predict The Future #7: Feng Shui: Balancing Energies for Harmony

Feng Shui, a 5,000-year-old Chinese astrology system, translates to “air and water.” Maintaining the right balance in a space enhances positivity, contributing to happiness and peace. This ancient science imparts intuitive wisdom about harmonizing surroundings. By studying and incorporating feng shui principles into daily life, one can enhance health, fame, fate, and lifestyle, fostering love relations, improving work capabilities, harmonizing married life, and attracting wealth, respect, and good friendships.

While similar to the Vastu Shastra of India, Feng Shui has its unique characteristics. The science, focused on air and water elements, offers remedies to transform fate, ushering in good luck and dispelling challenges.

How Can Astrology Predict The Future: Other Methods

Beyond the aforementioned techniques, numerous other methods exist to foresee the future. These include Loshu Chakra, Chinese Astrology, Nandi Nadi Jyotisha, Crystal Ball, Bhrigu Samhita, Ramala, and Medniya Jyotisha.

Each of these approaches provides unique insights and predictions. With dedication and faith, individuals can explore these diverse methods to gain a deeper understanding of their future.

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