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Vetro Power Review

Vetro Power Review

There is  a general perception about guys, that we are lazy, can’t be all organized, and we sure as hell, can’t take care of your shoes! Well, I would say, I agree on some and I don’t agree on some.

While I am not the most tidy guys you would come across in your life, I do try and make sure that I am as organized as I can be, at least when I step out of the house. After all, people do judge you on how you look like, what you are wearing and on the condition of your shoes!

Shoes! These I would say many a times decide the fate of your impression on people and if they are not in the right shape, you sure are in for a flak my dear friend.

I myself have faced certain amount of embarassments in my life with my shoes showing-off the wear and tear of their daily hustlings.  And I always wondered, do I have to buy a pair every month to have that all shiny and glossy look around my feet? And I foound my answer in Vetro Power!

Vetro Power, Shoe Protector

One of the first categories in its segment, Vetro Power is an exciting range of nano-coatings which promises to change the face of the whole process of taking care of your shoes and making sure that they last long.

The spray creates an invisible, super hydrophobic (water repellant), self -cleaning coating which will make surfaces water-proof and stain-proof. It safeguards against everyday accidental spills of liquid (water, alcohol, oil, rain, mud, puddles, sauces etc.) and renders every other shoe proofing/polish/spray product almost vain and impractical. A one time application lasts for a minimum of 12-18 months and has a range of other advantages in comparison to current market alternatives. At the off chance the coating is penetrated, it will dry 50% faster and leave no stains.

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I tried using these on one of my old formal pair of shoes and could immediately see the difference. The shoes had a shiny look to it again and I am sure they can walk with me for at least a year more without making me feel embarassed.

To get best results, make sure that you wipe-off any dust that you might have on your shoes and then spray the coat on it once… rub it around with a brush and after 10-15 minutes repeat the process for better and long lasting results.

Vetro Power is live online on website and at a number of major retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart, Scootsy etc. and will be available at more curated fashion platforms such as Koovs and too. It will be launched offline in-store with a number of major footwear and multi-brand boutiques in the coming weeks too.

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