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Alcohol And Its Effect On Your Training

Alcohol And Its Effect On Your Training

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Most people are aware of the imprecations when it comes to consuming alcohol and the potential effect it can have on their lifestyle. And hearing from your training partner that he/she can not come to the gym on a given day, because they partied too hard the night before, should not come as a shocker of news.

This may just be a one-off example, but we are here to talk about what are the real effects of alcohol on your training over a lengthier period of time…

Concentration Levels: Scientific research over the years has proved that alcohol severely reduces your mind’s ability to accept and process information and can occur almost instantaneously. It has also been seen to alter both hormonal functioning and glycogen metabolism and with reduced glycogen metabolism your body will always be short on receiving energy supplies.

Not only this, but alcohol consumption can also lead to errors of judgment and diminished levels of focus and motivation that easily be termed as detrimental to one’s normal life.

Dehydration: This probably is the most common after-effect of alcohol consumption and can play a major role in your gym regime going for a toss. It is a known fact that your body’s water supply is heavily utilized during alcohol consumption in an attempt to metabolize the alcoholic toxins. And this results in water being diverted away from other bodily functions that are essential to keep you hydrated. Even small percentage adjustments away from your body’s optimum hydration levels can create large discrepancies in your performance levels, thus, bad or no gym sessions.

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Energy Levels: Alcohol has a limiting effect on the metabolism of various substances within the body. And one of these substances, probably the most relevant to your workout too, is carbohydrates. If the process of carbohydrate metabolism is compromised, then ultimately, the fuel to power the body i.e. glycogen is reduced below the desired level. This can result in premature fatigue and diminished endurance and strength.

Recovery Rates: Intake of alcohol reduces your body’s ability to absorb protein, resulting in a less readily available supply for your muscles if you intend to gain a certain level of fitness. This reduction means, that both, recovery and growth rates are diminished.

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This could ultimately affect your ability to continually train on consecutive days and can later become a more frequent habit. Alcohol consumption has also been negatively correlated with the production and release of your body’s own growth hormone.

Supplying Oxygen: One of the many side effects that alcohol consumption has is the heart’s ability to carry out its responsibilities to the fullest. This may not be noticed in a sedentary individual but for those undertaking training, it can impact massively on cardiovascular fitness levels and the ability of the heart to supply oxygen to the working muscles.

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