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Softube Console 1 Channel MKIII Review

Softube Console 1 Channel MKIII Review

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Celebrating its two-decade milestone, Softube, the Swedish manufacturer renowned for its commitment to crafting top-tier creative solutions for musicians, producers, and engineers, showcases its excellence with the Console 1 Channel.

Softube’s Console 1 Channel MKIII sets a new standard by delivering an exceptionally realistic analog console experience. The 27 controller knobs offer an impressive tenfold increase in resolution compared to its predecessor, resulting in a more precise and authentic user interface.

With Console 1 Channel, you receive Softube’s Core Mixing Suite software, equipping you with a comprehensive channel strip that encompasses preamp, shaping, EQ, and compression controls for seamless integration with plug-ins such as Softube Tape, FET Compressor Mk II, and Bus Processor.

Within the Shape, EQ, and Compressor sections, you can host two plug-in instances, all readily accessible through a knob-per-function interface. This intuitive design ensures that you can manage every facet of your processing chain without the need to divert your focus and reach for your mouse.

The Console 1 Core Mixing Suite boasts a rich feature set, including the Softube Tape/Preamp section, Shape: Transient Shaper, passive vintage, and precise modern EQs, along with three distinct compressors and a newly developed drive algorithm.

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Moreover, the incorporation of dual USB-C ports allows for hassle-free daisy chaining of additional devices, enhancing convenience. The unit also offers flexible mounting options to accommodate both VESA and 19-inch rack formats.

In conclusion, the Console 1 Channel stands as a robust piece of studio equipment characterized by its well-crafted workflow. For existing Softube users, this addition promises to elevate your DAW experience, infusing it with newfound enjoyment and efficiency.

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