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Three hidden Google Maps tricks you probably don’t know about

Three hidden Google Maps tricks you probably don’t know about

map Three hidden Google Maps tricks you probably don't know about

If you are as bad as my girlfriend, when it comes to going from one location to another (she has no clue about roads in Delhi) or finding a dining point then I am sure you are one of those- just like her- who rely a lot on Google maps. While it does help you navigate seamlessly, there is a lot more to it, which I am sure you are not aware of.

And that is what I am here to talk about.

In simple words, I am here to talk about some of the secrets of Google Maps that will help you get more from it.


What would you say, if I told you that you can create a whole list of places in Google Maps and save them for later, and even share with your friends? Cool, isn’t it?

All you got to do is search for a place, tap on save and choose to save and add them as your favorite spots- for which you can create a custom list. Imagine a list that has the location of all the historical places you want to visit on coming weekends or a list of restaurants that you want to check out in the near future. It can work as a calendar or a ‘places to visit’ bucket list.

Fun thing yeah?


Well, some of you might have known this, but I bet, a large set of people did not. This is especially helpful when you do not have a wifi signal or mobile data working. I have faced such issues in the past when I have visited some interior places even in Delhi/NCR. But once I got to know about this feature; life became easy. Just tap the left menu button and select “offline areas” to begin and you are set to go.


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Now this one is a fairly new feature that got launched only recently. Google though had similar services earlier, but now it is more reliable and precise. This will help you share your real-time location – maybe while driving home during heavy storms – so your friends and family know that you are safe. You can set how long the location is shared for, and who all gets to see it- more so, you can always turn it off manually. Just tap the menu button and then tap “Share location” to get started.

This facility can work wonders when you are on a road trip with your friends and have two cars that need to follow each other. Share your location with your friends in the other car and they can just keep following you.

Well, folks, these were my ideas, feel free to comment in the box below if you are aware of more such Google Maps features.

Always remember; that knowledge shared is knowledge gained. And if you are looking for some more then I would suggest you check out Tutor map that may engd-up helping you a lot.

Till next time… cheers and have fun.

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