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COACH Introduces The COACH Shine Experience Immersive Installation

COACH Introduces The COACH Shine Experience Immersive Installation

JTP03242 HDR COACH Introduces The COACH Shine Experience Immersive Installation

Coach has unveiled “SHINE,” an enchanting pop-up installation situated in Mumbai. This remarkable presentation breathes life into the house’s “Wear Your Shine” campaign, an inspiring narrative centered on surmounting obstacles and summoning the inner strength to embrace one’s true self.

The experience beckons visitors to step into the limelight and externalize their inner confidence, radiating a vibrant aura.

Crafted through a collaborative effort with the renowned global architectural design firm, HWKN, this installation beckons audiences to embark on a sensory journey through light, space, and sound within Mumbai’s Jio World Drive Mall.

JTP03256 HDR COACH Introduces The COACH Shine Experience Immersive Installation

This exceptional structure boasts a surface adorned with high-gloss gold panels encased in bronze scaffolding, drawing inspiration from the campaign’s core message of translating inner radiance into an outward glow.

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The illuminated scaffolding serves as a representation of works in progress, symbolizing the ultimate path of evolution, and it offers fully immersive light and sound displays that captivate the current generation on both sensory and emotional levels.

The “SHINE” installation and the “Wear Your Shine” campaign represent the next chapter in Coach’s storytelling, deeply rooted in the theme of “Courage to Be Real.” This narrative underscores Coach’s mission, which revolves around inspiring audiences to express themselves genuinely and authentically.

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