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Samsung Galaxy S24 Launch Details

Samsung Galaxy S24 Launch Details

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Throughout its history, Samsung has consistently advanced the release schedule for its top-tier Galaxy phones by a few weeks. In 2024, the company is taking this trend a step further, announcing an Unpacked event on January 17 to unveil the Galaxy S24. However, the Korean tech giant might have additional surprises in store beyond just the debut of its flagship Galaxy phones for the year. Below, we outline everything anticipated to be revealed at Samsung’s inaugural Unpacked event of the year with the theme “Galaxy AI is coming.”

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The spotlight at Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked event is unquestionably reserved for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. As the pinnacle flagship smartphone from the Korean giant for 2024, it is anticipated to incorporate noteworthy updates and AI advancements, positioning itself in direct competition with devices such as the OnePlus 12 and other imminent Android smartphones. True to tradition, the extensive rumor mill has divulged nearly every detail about the S24 Ultra. Leaked CAD designs and press renders suggest that the phone will feature a flat 6.8-inch display, showcasing a peak brightness exceeding 2,500 nits.

The phone may incorporate titanium edges to enhance its premium aesthetic and tactile experience. Alongside potential new color choices, the overall design is expected to remain akin to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, albeit with minor adjustments. On the internal front, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy is speculated to house a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, 12GB of RAM, and storage options reaching up to 1TB of UFS 4.0. The battery capacity is rumored to maintain its current level at 5,000mAh, with wired charging speeds seemingly capped at 25/45W, consistent with previous Galaxy models.

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Renowned for their exceptional camera capabilities, Samsung’s flagship phones, including the S24 Ultra, are poised to sustain this reputation. According to speculations, the Korean giant is expected to retain the 200MP primary and 12MP ultra-wide cameras for another year. However, a notable change is anticipated in the zoom setup, with Samsung replacing the 10x telephoto lens with a 5x shooter. Physically, this alteration should involve a larger sensor, enabling improved light absorption and, consequently, enhanced photo quality.

Samsung Galaxy S24+ and S24

In addition to the Ultra variant, Samsung is expected to reveal the Plus and standard editions of the Galaxy S24 at its Unpacked event scheduled for January 17. In contrast to the Ultra, the regular and S24+ models are rumored to undergo more subtle changes. Their design appears to remain consistent, with leaks indicating that Samsung is primarily concentrating on internal enhancements for these models this year.

The Galaxy S24+ is anticipated to transition to a 6.7-inch QHD+ resolution display, an upgrade from the S23+’s 6.6-inch FHD+ AMOLED panel. Reports also suggest a boost in battery capacity to 4,900mAh compared to its predecessor’s 4,700mAh, providing an extended battery life. Another notable upgrade is the purported inclusion of 12GB of RAM as standard, an increase of 4GB over the S23+.

In past years, Samsung has consistently incorporated a brighter AMOLED panel on its flagship Ultra model. However, leaked information suggests a notable change for the S24 series, with displays across the entire lineup potentially reaching a peak brightness of 2,500 nits. While the Galaxy S24+ is expected to feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, some markets might receive a variant powered by the Exynos 2400. In the US, though, rumors suggest Samsung will maintain the use of the Snapdragon chip throughout the entire S24 lineup.

Regarding the standard Galaxy S24, there are no significant rumored alterations. Apart from an enhanced AMOLED display, it is anticipated to be equipped with a faster System on Chip (SoC), potentially Samsung’s in-house Exynos 2400 instead of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. The camera setup on both non-Ultra S24 models is not rumored to undergo significant changes, with Samsung seemingly adhering to the same 50MP + 12MP + 10MP configuration.

Galaxy AI

Beyond the introduction of new flagship phones, the focal point of Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked event is expected to be the Galaxy AI. AI dominated discussions throughout 2023, and this trend is anticipated to further escalate in 2024. Samsung purportedly aims to surpass the AI capabilities of the Pixel 8 with the Galaxy S24, incorporating numerous AI-driven features. Thanks to leaks, there’s a substantial insight into what these features might entail.

Following Google’s lead, Samsung is set to introduce a Magic Editor-like functionality on its forthcoming flagships. This feature will empower users to reposition subjects and eliminate undesired elements from images. Additionally, there are indications that the company might introduce an Object Eraser feature for videos. Samsung has already disclosed that the S24 series will leverage AI to provide real-time translation for phone calls. It’s worth noting that many of these features are likely to necessitate an internet connection and a Samsung account to operate.

Among the potential AI-driven features for Samsung’s flagship phones in 2024 are generative AI wallpaper and auto-formatting options within Samsung Notes.

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One UI 6.1

The forthcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S24 is anticipated to feature One UI 6.1. This upcoming iteration of Samsung’s Android interface is poised to expand upon the foundation laid by One UI 6, introducing new features and enhancements. The prominently featured AI-driven capabilities, as mentioned earlier, will play a pivotal role in One UI 6.1, complemented by additional improvements in usability. A leak has already provided insights into potential battery longevity controls that may be integrated into this version of the interface.

While the initial debut of One UI 6.1 is expected with the Galaxy S24, it is anticipated to subsequently extend its presence to other premium Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S23.

Galaxy Watch 7? New Galaxy tablets?

It’s improbable that Samsung’s initial Galaxy Unpacked event in 2024 will unveil any other device apart from the Galaxy S24. Traditionally, new Galaxy Watches and tablets are introduced in the latter part of the year. Although an upgrade for the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 is anticipated, current rumors do not hint at the imminent release of a new model.

Nevertheless, it is anticipated that Samsung will unveil new accessories and cases tailored for its latest flagship and existing devices during the event.

Samsung’s best phone of 2024 is coming soon

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra earned a prominent spot on our list of the top Android phones introduced in 2023. Anticipations for this year’s Galaxy S24 Ultra are similarly high, promising enhanced build quality, a brighter display, and the inclusion of a 5x telephoto shooter. If Samsung successfully integrates outstanding AI features to complement its exceptional hardware, the flagship phone has the potential to outshine its competitors in the smartphone market.

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