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How To Maintain Your Stubble

How To Maintain Your Stubble

Uncle Tony

While the world remains divided on facial fuzz with some calling it lazy and unprofessional, there’s nothing sexier than a well-maintained stubble.

Stubbles can make a baby face look masculine, highlight cheekbones in a square face and cleverly camouflage a weak jawline lending it a chiselled look.

However, there’s a fine line between looking cool-and-sexy and messy-and-haggard; and going to the dark side requires a fair amount of work.

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The neckline
You can have a stubble and still look like you mean business. But, when your fuzz starts moving south towards your Adam’s apple, take that as your cue to spruce things up. You want to look effortless like you just rolled out of bed with that 5 o’ clock shadow, so shaving it clean is not an option. You don’t want harsh lines separating your neck from the stubble. Use a trimmer with around 4-8 mm on your facial scruff while going down to 2 mm from beneath your chin.


The cheek line
Stubbles or any facial scruff looks best around the lower third of your face. You don’t want your face to look like a garden that’s gone wild. So, make sure to keep your cheeks clean. This makes you clean, neat and professional rather than a freak show.


It’s normal to have lighter hair on the cheeks and temples but the thicker hair that looks like errant beard hair, needs to go. Every few days, give your cheeks a thorough examination and eliminate the thicker hair.

The lip
Milk moustaches bring a sense of nostalgia but milk on your moustache is unacceptable. You will have creep written all over you if your moustache flaps while you’re talking or are chomping down a meal. Keep your lip fur from running over and onto your lips.

Brush and comb the hair down over your lip and trim it neatly from where they cross over to your lip. While you are at it, get a little snipping and sprucing done at the corners of your mouth as well.

Keep it even
You don’t want to look like a mouse had bits of your facial scruff while you were sleeping. While some areas of your face might have thicker, longer foliage, and you might have to go at it with your trimmer more than once, make sure you maintain an overall evenness as you trim. It looks neater.

Mens Fashion, Dapper, GQ, How To Maintain Subtle, Bearded Men, Movember, Masculine Men, Top Fashion Blogs India, Mens Fashion Blogs India

Clean and moisturise
Keep your stubble clean by washing it every time you wash your face. You don’t want the sweat hanging in your stubble to be blocking your pores and leading to skin problems like folliculitis. When you slather your face with moisturiser, make sure to get some on your stubble as well. It will soften up the bristles making them less prickly and scratchy.

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