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How emotionally drenched is your girlfriend with her past?

How emotionally drenched is your girlfriend with her past?

pexels andrea piacquadio 863926 How emotionally drenched is your girlfriend with her past?

Take it or leave it, but almost every woman that we meet in our life has had her share of hurt from her relationship(s) in the past. And if you choose to ignore the statement “it’s not you, it’s me’ that is being told to you for about sixty times in a day, it’s time you started believing it.

But wait, don’t blame her just yet! Unresolved issues from the past can haunt anyone and it’s always best if instead of cross-questioning, we took the initiative of finding the corrective measures to it.

And for that you need to first find out, if your girlfriend is indeed carrying any emotional baggage from the past.

Here’s how you can…

If, she has started to behave strangely

shutterstock 148845587 How emotionally drenched is your girlfriend with her past?
Being compulsive is the domain of unchecked emotion. If she smokes too much, eats in excess, sleeps late regularly, or shows signs of being obsessive, then rest be assured that she’s got some heavy metal stuffed in that emotional trunk of hers. Though these can never be taken as decisive conclusions, but isn’t it a fact that women love taking care of themselves and the moment you see them diverting from that route, you know there is something missing or perhaps even wrong?

If, she has unexplained telephonic conversations

shutterstock 14701378 How emotionally drenched is your girlfriend with her past?
You come home from work and she’s on the telephone having an emotional jam-session with her next of kin. Worse yet, she talks to her mother or sister everyday and swipes out countless tears on the phone and when you try and talk about it, she won’t tell you what it was about. Now, she can’t be planning for a party in that mode, can she? For all you know, all the aforesaid acts are nothing, but just an act of cleaning the mess, which you are not aware of.

If, she fails to share emotions

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Truth be told, men are not known for their communication skills when it comes to expressing their deep rooted emotions. But when it comes to committing to a long-term relationship, we do like talking. It is a known fact that for any relationship to move along towards something serious, there has to be a two-way communication between the guy and the girl. But, if your conversations or a try to hold it results in her bottling up, or worse yet, having to get away from you, she likely has some issues to work out before she can really give herself to you.

If, she is unstable with friends
There can be no better sign then this one! For all we know, every woman loves being appreciated and have a huge fan following or a social circle. But, if your woman is someone who has an untraceable social past, then it means only one thing; something big must have happened that made her want to change all patterns and cut away from old ties. And like it or not, that past was gift-wrapped and arrived at your door-steps to unwrap and find the mysteries that are to be unfolded.

If, you have emotionally vacant s*x
Don’t we all like noncommittal, no-strings-attached s*x? We all do, but not with with our girlfriend(s), do we? If your partner is inattentive, mechanical or emotionless in the sack, make no mistake about it that her experience prior to you built that behavior.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that, these are just few of the indications that can give you hints about ‘not all is well’ with your girl. She might want to talk about it or might want to give it time to heal automatically. Knowing that right way to make sure she has complete faith in you and your intentions to help her solving her issues from the past, the steps you take can prove to be very crucial.

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