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How to Launch an Outdoor Marketing Campaign Using Nothing but Custom Yard Signs

How to Launch an Outdoor Marketing Campaign Using Nothing but Custom Yard Signs

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Outdoor marketing or advertising is the type of marketing that reaches target audiences when they’re outdoors. Most people don’t spend much time outside residential or commercial buildings.

According to a recent study, the average resident spends only 8% of his or her life outdoors.

For people who don’t venture outside much, and spend 92% of their lives outdoors, that 8% means a lot. The marketing messages people receive when they’re walking in the street or driving make huge impacts on their minds.

That’s why so many top brands invest in outdoor advertising and marketing tools like –

  • Billboards: When placed next to high-traffic roads and highways, custom-printed billboards give brands amazing exposure. Billboards aren’t as effective in non-urban, less-traveled roads and areas. But, they’re very popular advertising tools in densely populated locations.
  • Outdoor Furniture Items: Customized park benches, outdoor tents, telephone kiosks, etc., are all highly effective marketing tools.
  • Transit Signs: Ads on the sides of taxis, busses, or even trains also give brands incredible exposure.

Advertising must always follow target customers wherever they go. Unfortunately, finding ad spaces on popular highways or on public buses is very expensive. Small-scale companies can’t afford to rent out ten park benches or set up large billboards on busy roads. They need more cost-effective exterior signage options. That’s where custom-printed yard signscome helpful.

Brand leaders can custom-print crisp and clear messages on these low-cost signs. These signs are typically made of highly durable materials like PVC. They are big enough to communicate simple brand messages from a distance. Here’s how small brands can use these low-cost signs to launch outdoor marketing campaigns and get discovered by customers.

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Outdoor Marketing Campaigns with Low-Cost Yard Signage

Can’t afford to set up a large billboard? Don’t worry. A well-designed yard sign can also get your brand noticed in a specific location. To start your low-cost outdoor marketing campaign, conduct market research. 

  • Market Research: Identify what types of outdoor marketing strategies competing brands are using in your target locations. Are they launching referral programs? Are they giving discounts to people who see their signs and give them calls? Whatever your competitors are doing with their billboards or posters – try to replicate or better it with your custom signs. 

Now comes the design part. Designing outdoor marketing signs is surprisingly easy. Just follow these rules –

  • Simplicity: Make sure your sign is readable in less than five to ten. Use striking imagery and graphics to grab the audience’s attention. Then, use a short and simple tagline or a short text about your brand or products.
  • Humor: People love reading signs with clever wordplays or funny puns. Print simple jokes on your yard signs. Your target customers will notice the joke and hopefully remember it.
  • Color: Use striking colors to catch people’s attention. Make sure the signs on your colors are consistent with your brand’s colors and theme.

Location Matters

Install your custom signs in high-traffic areas. More signs mean more exposure. So, keep flexing your creative muscles and installing low-cost but well-designed advertising signs that leave lasting impressions on viewers.

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