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5 Powerful Tips for Looking and Feeling Great

5 Powerful Tips for Looking and Feeling Great

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It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into looking amazing if you don’t actually feel that way.

More often than not, our physical appearance is merely a reflection of how we feel physically and mentally. This is why you should first ask yourself what you can do to feel good, as looking good will follow consequently.

Here are some excellent tips to guide you.

Step Outside

There’s so much you can gain from being outdoors. First of all, the fresh air itself can do wonders for your overall well-being, as it encourages good digestion, regulates blood pressure and heart rate and strengthens your immune system, and these are just a few examples.

In addition, the sun and the green of nature can improve your mood, relieve you of stress and improve your self-esteem. This is why, if you want to feel better, make a decision to spend some time outside every day.

This can be only half an hour, but if you can make it longer than that, even better. Although a local park or a botanical garden will do for a nice walk in the nature, you’ll be that much happier if you can take a hike or a bike ride in the countryside, so organize such a trip once or twice a week. You’ll feel and look significantly healthier for it.

Be Active

Aside from spending time outdoors, you should also do your best to work out regularly. Exercising contributes to your mental and physical health, it keeps you fit and it makes you look better. It also increases your stamina, energy levels and concentration, allowing you to do more throughout the day with much less exertion.

Plus, working out supports good sleep, which is another thing that enhances both your looks and your well-being. Find the sort of exercise regimen that works for you.

Some people like the gym, but others prefer dancing lessons, yoga or swimming. Give several options a try and choose the one that suits you best, so that working out brings you the maximum amount of joy every time you do it.

Dress up for Yourself

When you decide on your outfit for the day or for any sort of occasion, don’t focus on what you think other people would like on you and how your appearance might impress them.

Dress up to your own liking, opt for outfits that you feel you look fantastic in, style your hair precisely the way you prefer it and put on your favorite shades of makeup.

For instance, when you’re just working out, you should look and feel attractive solely for your own benefit. Invest in some comfortable quality activewear that fits you perfectly.

Look for brands that promote body positivity, ones that embrace all shapes and sizes, so that you know they’ll have precisely what you need to stand out when you’re physically active. Only when you’re satisfied with how you look will others notice it as well.

Even if you’re working from home and you know nobody’s going to see you, put on some nice clothes and you’ll notice how your self-esteem and your general appreciation of yourself will rise instantly. 

Tend to Your Skin

Exclusive beauty treatments you get in various salons can do wonders for your skin and your appearance, but they can be quite expensive and therefore unavailable to some.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your skin yourself, at home.

First of all, never forget that your diet affects your skin to a great extent, so adjust it to contain less junk food, sugary sweets and drinks and more fresh fruit, vegetables, lean protein and wholegrains.

In addition, drink your eight glasses of water each day. If you don’t enjoy plain water and need some variety, infuse it with some citruses or berries, or you can drink some herbal tea instead. Next, create a skincare routine you’ll stick to.

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Talk to a cosmetician or a pharmacist and ask them what products they think will work well on your skin, then buy those products and apply them daily. Always moisturize your skin and exfoliate it once or twice a week, depending on your skin type to get that beautiful, healthy glow.

Show Yourself Kindness

The way we perceive our bodies and ourselves in general matters tremendously. When you make negative comments and observations about your own body, when you complain about your looks and keep pointing out those of your features that you consider less desirable, it can have a horrible impact on how you feel about yourself.

This is something you should think about extensively. Changing the manner in which you talk and think about yourself and your body can directly affect your self-confidence, make you prouder of how you look and consequently lead to you loving yourself just the way you are. Don’t criticize yourself for your mistakes.

While you should do what you can to be the best version of yourself, it’s perfectly fine if you skip a workout session to take a nap or if you haven’t finished your project precisely when you planned to.

You’re only human and things like that will happen occasionally. It’s crucial that you embrace yourself for what you are and stay motivated to grow and develop continuously.

Nevertheless, if you don’t feel that your power of positive thought is enough to lift you from a dark place or that your self-esteem is incredibly low, you owe it to yourself to talk to a professional and get your mental health in order.

Instead of striving to look like somebody else, no matter who that is, recognize your own worth and praise yourself.

Learn to accept compliments and don’t hesitate giving a few to yourself from time to time.

There’s beauty in each one of us, so find it in yourself and let it shine. Once you achieve that, you’ll see how stunning you can look and how fulfilled you can feel.

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