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Love in 2024: Mastering the Dating Game and 2024 Dating Trends

Love in 2024: Mastering the Dating Game and 2024 Dating Trends

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Just like we’re observing the changes in fashion friends and fitness trends, we’re observing changing trends in dating as well. 2023 is slowly ending, but dating tips will never go out of style and will continue to be a hot topic in 2024. Let’s see some of the dating trends for 2024 and whether you should pick them up or just be an observer.

Letting other things define you

Many people rely on relationships to define them. These people often feel incomplete when they are flying solo, so they need a relationship to be fulfilled, valued, and defined. But some are waking up to their potential, so we’ll see a rise in cannonballing dating trends. Cannonballing is seen as a major event in one’s life when people realise that other things also matter, not just in a romantic relationship. Those who adopt this trend will develop their personality outside of their coupled identity and prioritise their passions. 

Dating outside of your usual type 

If you don’t think you have a type, just call your friend and ask them to describe your type. You’ll probably laugh when you realise that all your exes are similar. That’s why we’ll see the rise of contradicting in 2024. 

Contradating in the dating terminology means you’ll look beyond your typical type, so you’ll be open to different personalities, types and sets of interests. Moving away from your usual type, whether physical, emotional, or interest-wise, will be a great way to grow. Of course, a red flag is a red flag, so don’t ignore those even when you’re opening your horizons. 

Matching with intention

Finding a match in the digital dating world is not difficult at all. But matching with intention requires a set of different skills or a pool of people who want the same. Matchmaking is another trend we’ll hear more as we step into 2024. 

People are tired of matching based on just a few seconds each one of your photos holds on the dating app. However, getting matched by a professional matchmaker will take you one step closer to that almost perfect date. Especially if you’re gay and looking to settle down in a big city, turning to services such as gay dating New York might be the key to love in 2024. 

Manifest your way to love

By now, you’ve at least heard about the concept of a vision board. It’s a technique that helps a person visually represent everything they want in life. Hence, the term vision board dating, means that you will visualise your love life and the exact location for it.

Dating apps allow you to date outside your location, so people will use the dating apps to manifest the location of their love life. The easier way to do this is to decide to travel to a new location, feed your wanderlust, and swipe while you’re there to see if there’s someone you’d want to spend another day there.

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Building trust gradually

Even though it’s been reported that more than half of first dates are characterised as getting too much information too soon, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Instead of oversharing, those who’ve done the self-work will decide to build trust gradually. Even though you might want to know upfront what the person wants, on the first date, hold back and observe how you feel about the person. Oversharing is for your therapist, not someone you see for the first time. 

Choosing your dating path

There are certain standards imposed by society, and even though people are quite woke, people are still being suffocated by dating expectations and standards for a love life. That’s why there’s a new concept of dating called Smashing the Date-triarchy

The term datetriarchy is used for sets of standards and expectations seen as common in a person’s love life. The smashing concept of dating means that you’ll be in charge of your dating path, and you’ll choose the one that works for you. 

As you embark on your dating journey in 2024, remember that dating is a dynamic and ever-changing adventure. Learn how to set your expectations, be open, and set your standards so you’ll know what is worth pursuing and what isn’t. 

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