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Skip the Jewelry: 5 Unique Gifts for Your Bride

Skip the Jewelry: 5 Unique Gifts for Your Bride

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Exchanging gifts on a bride and groom’s wedding day is tradition. The gifts symbolize your lasting love and new life together, and the exchange is just another sweet memory you can both share on the big day. 

You know the basic to-bride, from-groom gifts: jewelry, a framed photo of the proposal or a designer bag. These gifts will surely make her smile.

We have compiled a list of gifts for every occasion for your special day with the best deals on this year’s black Friday. Whether you’re shopping for something new or need to update her old stuff, we have ideas that will have her loving you all the more!

1. Honeymoon Shopping Spree

Every bride deserves to have the honeymoon of her dreams, and that includes a suitcase packed with new clothes, such as adventure outfits, swimsuits, dresses, accessories and, of course, lingerie for newlywed amazing time.

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A gift of shopping money may not sound particularly special, but it’s definitely something she’ll enjoy. To make it a little more meaningful, plan a day out that involves a nice lunch or dinner — or you can get takeout and drinks to enjoy while she shops online at home.

To add a personal touch to your honeymoon and make it altogether more special, you should consider giving the bride a beautiful personalized linen handkerchief. This is a gesture that she’s sure to appreciate as well as remember for years to come.

2. Indulgent Spa Treatment

If your bride is a self-care kind of gal who loves to get pampered, then she would love to get the ultimate spa treatment! You can simplify your shopping by giving her a gift certificate to a resort spa, or you can get creative and put together a DIY spa kit for home.

Here are some of the essentials: a bath bomb, face mask, essential and CBD oils, candles, exfoliating body scrub, and a bottle of wine. Now that all the stress of wedding planning is over, your new bride can indulge in some much-needed me-time.

3. At-Home Boutique Fitness Studio

Many fitness fanatics are still taking social-distance precautions and a break away from their gyms, resorting to at-home workouts. But working out at home just isn’t the same experience.

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To help your new wife mimic her favorite workouts at home, gift her specialty equipment and a membership to virtual classes. Does she love spinning? Then invest in a Peloton for instructor-led live rides. Or, set her up for Lekfit workouts, the latest trend in fat-burning cardio and muscle sculpting. 

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4. Family Heirloom

The wedding gift doesn’t have to cost money to show that it comes from the heart. The Plunge — the online “(unofficial) best man … for guys who are taking the plunge and getting married” — recommends giving a family heirloom as an option.

For example, a beautiful piece of jewelry passed down for generations is a sentimental gesture and represents your official union with his family. 

5. The Drive of Your Dreams

You can never go wrong with an experiential gift, especially one that you can experience in style. Imagine a day trip cruising the streets in a vintage classic or luxury sports car. You and your ride-or-die can go on an incredible road adventure by renting a dream car through the DriveShare app. 

Travel + Leisure calls it the “Airbnb of luxury and vintage cars” in which you shop listers’ garages and then rent out an iconic car (like a Porsche 911, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche or Jaguar). Pack a picnic and get Instagram stories ready!

It’s the Gift That Counts

A wedding gift will express your commitment to your new partnership and make your bride feel extra special on her wedding day. But keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be financially extravagant. Weddings are costly to begin with and there’s no shame if your budget for a gift is on the lower end.

Looking for less expensive ideas than the ones we listed above? A charming ring holder, handwritten love letter, video message for your future selves, Mrs. and Mrs. collectibles, or a home-cooked meal to celebrate being newlyweds can also make her swoon.

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