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Jabong Online Shopping: Why You Must Shop Here

Jabong Online Shopping: Why You Must Shop Here

111 Jabong Online Shopping: Why You Must Shop Here

Let’s not try to be stereotype here and go on bragging about how e-commerce business has evolved in India over the years! The truth is, it always had a scope in this blooming economy, but what we lacked was the right player(s) to play the game.

Well, no more!

With the emergence of Jabong Online Shopping, one can easily say that the face of online shopping has changed drastically. Though I am yet to dig a hole in my wallet by shopping with them (because they have so much to offer), but with what I have learnt from the ones who have done that, their experience has been as smooth as a mature-old-wine!

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Here are some of the prime reasons, which I guess have played a pivotal role in Jabong being able to stand out from rest of its counterparts.

Easy to access website – It’s very easy to get lost while browsing through an online shopping portal as searching what you need can be a painstaking experience at-times. However, what I like about is that their display pattern is as chic as that of any international portal(s) that makes it easy for one to search and choose what they are looking for. Ready –to-wear, accessories or home décor, you will find at least one image of every variation on the home page.

Information in your inbox – E-mailers remain a main source in today’s age to be updated with the new offerings of any brand. And that is where Jabong scores for me!

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Newsletters with regular updates on sale, discounts, new collections and contests for winning freebies are emailed directly into your inbox so that you are aware of what you might miss, if you don’t visit their website.

Coupons play an important role – Unlike other portals, wherein, redeeming your coupons could prove to be nervous experience, many of the shoppers of Jabong, who also happen to be my friends, gave their thumbs-up to the brand. Easy access to what you have been gifted and redeeming it always results in a long-term fruitful relationship, one of the criteria that makes a consumer come back to you at a regular interval.

Free home delivery – This is the masterstroke! Oh, by the way I love the way that guy and the girl scream in Jabong’s TV Ad when the goods are delivered to them – absolutely free from any delivery charges. Why pay extra when not needed? While consumer reviews, mouth marketing and other social media means might prove to be a factor that can influence one to visit a website, but the service offered there-after is the only way to retain a customer.

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