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Jeanne Bourgeois

Jeanne Bourgeois

Jeanne Bourgeois Jeanne Bourgeois

She hails from Brussels… is super-hot… got long legs… and she looks absolutely gorgeous! Here’s an exclusive chit-chat with our very own- Jeanne Bourgeois… a girl we think can easily give you jitters at knees.

Name: Jeanne Bourgeois
Birthplace: Brussels capital of Europe
Current Location:New Delhi India
Agency: Satin Models India
Measurements: Hips: 34, Height: 174, Bust: 34, Waist: 26, Low waist: 30

‘I’ think my best feature is: I’m polite and always smiling.
Men’ say best physical feature is: I have nice abs and long legs 😉
I would have s*x with a guy on the first date, only if: I would never do that!
S*xiest woman ever, and why: I don’t think there is one and only woman or girl that is s*xiest. But if I must give an example, than it probably would be Monica Bellucci, because she is the example of a woman with charisma. Even on s*xy poses or looks, she stays a classy model/ actress. Her body is perfect, and in my eyes she’s a natural beauty from Mother Nature.
My best trait is: I’m a helpful person and I’m empathic.
My worst habit is: I’m an impulsive person and if I don’t understand what people exactly want from me, I get nerves.
I wish more men would: Behave like a gentleman with a womn, treat her good and stay honest!
The key to my heart is: The key to my heart? There is no key! I must feel first a natural attraction without that, it’s a total waste of time.

Compliment me on: Compliments are always welcome, but I don’t like men saying things that make no sense. I prefer compliments about my personality more than compliments about my body.
Designers or brands I have worked with: I don’t remember all the names, but here are few names for you:
Belgium designers: Dries Van Noten , NATTHIDA wedding, evening dresses Antwerp, Franks Atelier Haute coiffure, Moggy’s and Chris Janssens, etc.
Others: Alphadi (African designer), Alvaro Ingiguez (Mexico), Noë Knokke
Stores, fashion shows and online stuff:, La vie en rose, Gonna, Passion Red (Budapest), REPUBLIC Urban T-shirt, Hunkemoller , Pimkie, Jack & Jones , A.S. Adventure etc.
My big break was: My big break ? Errmm… I met one of the best and famous fashion photographer from Belgium. He was scouting some models for photography exposition for a special concept about how to express certain emotions and feelings. We did a few shots and he liked my camera presence that’s when I got my folio done by him and started working with an agency.
Fashion for me is: Fashion for me is a part of my life since last few years now. In my country, I like to provide styling services too for some photographers or models who want to get high-end fashion portfolios. I have graduated as a nurse, but fashion will always be a part of my life because I like to create and make new concepts. My mother used to design clothes and jewellery years ago, and I guess it came from there to me.

Beach or hills, why: Beach of course. I’m a swimmer and I like every kind of watersports; wake boarding, water skiing and all. Three years ago I started learning kite surfing too. This year I have started a course to get my coastal permit after that I will go for my offshore boating permits (deep-sea license), so that I can navigate anywhere I want to.
The sexiest outfit I will ever wear in public: I think the playboy outfit! I’m booked for a playboy event in Belgium when I go back from India.
A superficial thing I am attracted to: Italian high heels, Oh my god that’s a real problem (laughing)
Pet name for my b**bs (if I would name them): I would never give my b**bs pets name’s, but if I had to then maybe some fruits name (laughing).
When it comes to my body, please do not: Say that I need to go to gym!

A man will impress me, if: If he is a good dancer.
He will disappoint me, if: If he’s telling I’m he’s girlfriend but doesn’t treat me like one. Don’t say things that are not true.
Best date I have ever had was: The best date I ever had was with my ex-boyfriend, he was mister Belgium 2013 and I was nervous because actually it was the first real date I had with a boy that I had never seen in real life before. It was so funny to meet each other. We separated for personal reasons, but I will always have respect for him and he for me.
I am not an ideal woman because: I’m not an ideal woman because I like to be independent and I like to travel. I’m a loner, I need to have my moments alone.
I need a man who will: Who can live with my personality and way of life. Just respect each other and don’t be jealous for stupid reasons. If a man wants a model as girlfriend, he must be prepared that it’s not always easy.

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My philosophy of life: “Stay humble and keep learning.

– Sandeep Verma

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