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AT least once in our life, we have all had this need to get a lesson or two when it comes to grooming. And when it comes to be visible at public forums (be it modeling, anchoring or just being a good looking socialite), the need is never-ending!

And there can never be a better person to take a cue from, who has been there and done it all! Keeping that in mind, here is an exclusive interview, for all you readers who are looking for a hand-on information on grooming and looking presentable, with one of the most prettiest faces on the entertainment screen of India i.e. Abha Bakaya!

SV: For those who want to know you better… could you please tell us a bit about your education and work background?
I studied Media & Communications at the UNSW, Sydney. Came back and started off in print journalism with Business Today. I made the shift to television as a cub reporter/producer before finding my growth path at NDTV Profit which was launching at the time.

SV: You hold a degree in Media and Communications from University of South Wales, Sydney, and a certificate for Creative Writing from Columbia University, New York… tell us a bit about the initial days of your career.
Being a part of a startup was very exciting. We had some of the best people in the industry and leaders like Vikram Chandra and Shivnath Thukral. You literally were thrown into the deep end and you had to figure out how to swim or sink. The news business, especially LIVE TV news, is so fast paced and its all about being able to stay on top of news as it happens.

SV: What is your current work profile at Bloomberg TV India? And your job responsibilities?
I’m a Senior Anchor & Editor at BBG TV India. I currently anchor the market opening and market closing shows. I also anchor a feature called ‘E-INC’ profiling some of the biggest and fastest growing names in the e-commerce industry.

SV: People have always had this notion, that being an anchor is all about being glamorous… but little do they know the challenges that one faces on and off the screen to prepare for the shows. Could you please throw a bit more light on the same?
There are long hours to start with! People don’t realize that there is work that goes into planning and executing a show and it’s not only what you see on air. You have to be well read on all kinds of topics and be able to literally handle any breaking news situation.

SV: How important is the role of an anchor to make a show a hit?
The anchor has to form a connection with the audience. If the audience doesn’t like what they’re watching they will switch. So you need to be compelling in terms of energy levels, knowledge, and when on location you need to live through things, help them relate to what you’re experiencing.

SV: What has been the most fun show that you have been part of till date… and why?
There have been so many fun shows! Well I used to anchor an auto show called Zigwheels at ET Now which was an absolute blast. We used to take the fanciest cars to remote locations, spin them around, and review them. There’s something about cars and bikes!

SV: Ok, this question is for all the men out there… how to look their best in front of the camera… few pointers to keep them going.
You know basic grooming goes a long way. There is nothing like a clean shaven (or beard neatly trimmed) man in a crisp white shirt and sexy suit. Look the camera straight in the eye and don’t forget to smile. Add a dash of colour in your tie or other accessories.

SV: And for the young guys who wish to take anchoring as a profession… what would be your advice… in terms of preparation and grooming?
You need to be prepared to start with a bit of hard work. If you like chasing stories start as a reporter, if into numbers then maybe research. If you know your stuff you’ll go a long way. Keep practicing, in front of the mirror or whenever the studio is free, take voice training classes, polish your vocabulary. You need to sound good.

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SV: Who according to you is the most groomed ‘Man’ you have ever seen (off the camera)?
I like a man who takes interest in how he looks and dresses. I did date somebody once who loved his well cut suits, monogrammed shirts, and of course he would wear Creed cologne. Only problem was he was so into himself he would forget to ever compliment me! 😀

SV: Coming back to your pretty looks… tell us your secrets…. Like your diet and fitness regime?
I do a combination of functional training and good old cardio. I try and eat healthy as much as possible though I give into temptation quite often J I try and take care of my skin being on air. And I like kundalini yoga as it helps you to clear you mind and focus your thoughts in an otherwise crazy day.

SV: Do you believe in the theory of body is just a layer… and real beauty actually lies inside?
I really do. I feel if someone has a positive, happy aura it shines through and you are drawn to them nonetheless. If you have a strong personality people will respect you. I also feel these days people who take a little time to groom and style themselves can actually find ways to enhance their strengths and that can have a great effect on self esteem as well.

SV: Last but not the least.. Your take on as a fashion and lifestyle portal for the uber men!
I think the mix of content if great. A healthy dose of fantasy and aspirations (top models, dream sex) as well as, thoughts and advice on how to survive in the real world! Men are equally aspiring to find new facets of their personalities as us women!

– Sandeep Verma

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